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Since I reached 1800 rating in ranked I keep meeting same ppl over and over basically I rarely get to play with someone new so most of games I already know if I'm going to win or lose. Like I keep getting matched with ppl that are in top 20 that I've like 0-7 record with and thats just not fun at all just getting farmed. It feels like being a punching bag, frustrating as hell. It says 10.000 ppl online and over 2 hours of playing I played 5 games with 1 guy, 4 with other and some random games with other guys that I played with be4. It is just plain boring...


  • This is so true and was happening to me when I was at 1500. It kept matching me with the same players who I lost to 9 times and all I was doing was raising his ranked. It was very frustrating, and the developers need to address this.
  • I actually just vented about his in a new topic about in-game blocking system...but wow 1800!!!
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