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Entire Fight Night Champion Mode In UFC 3 (DLC)

EA it is nice to see you guys add Andre Bishop and Isaac Frost in UFC 3 from the Fight Night series so please for the record and for the entire Fight Night community/fan base, can you guys please add an entire Fight Night Champion mode in UFC 3 featuring at least all of the licensed boxers that were featured in FNC including bringing back Mike Tyson from the last UFC 2 series.

Adding a Fight Night Champion mode in UFC 3 would be creating two awesome games within one capturing a larger community of both boxing and mma fans.

In Fight Night Champion mode we should have the option to experience complete boxing matches within the octagon or in a boxing ring, either in a gym or arena. Choosing strictly boxing or mma style matches should be totally optional and we should also have the option to choose a boxer against a mma fighter in a mma match, Also adding boxing trunks would be nice that we can customize.
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