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Add champion of UFC 6 Oleg Taktarov

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edited December 2018
Dear game developers. Thank you so much for adding to the game the legendary fighters - Dan Severn, Chael Sonnen. A big request to add Oleg Taktarov to the game. He was a champion of UFC 6 and fought with legendary fighters: Dan Severn, David "Tank" Abbot and others. He agrees to give his rights to use his character in the game. Adding to the game of this character will please many fans of the old school combat.

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  • Dear developers, many fans of the game want to see the fighters of the old school, including Oleg Taktarov, "Tank" Abbot and others. Some of them have already been added. At the moment, Oleg Taktarov (champion) agrees to give the rights to use his character. Please fans of this game and add it.
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