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Where is 5 star amanda nunes champion set???

I was expecting them to release a 5 star Amanda Nunes in champions sets ... am I wrong in assuming so..,, they can pop out a 5 star nunes in a ufc 232 pack an hr after the Ppv was over but can’t upload one to sets in a week? I can understand for there perspective they don’t wanna give a 5 star nunes away while they have a 5 star nunes available to buy in packs... but how long until she is in champion sets...? Ur thoughts ...


  • they did it with Cormier
  • Isnt it obvious as to why ?
  • No or I wouldn’t post .. I can only assume it’s because they still have her ufc 232 5 star card up and they want people to buy packs... I find it hard to believe they haven’t had enough time ... but I know nothing about it so I don’t want to speculate to much.., or they are waiting to add her in a big update... u tell me since it’s so obvious lol
  • Pretty sure Cormier was uploading into champion sets within a week of him becoming double champ
  • MONEY!!!!
  • They can’t make money on the 5 star nunes from ufc 232 pack because
    It’s not an option to buy anymore packs.... so that’s why I’m wondering why such a delay
  • I mean I'm still waiting for Shevchenko to get her 4 Star set, Jones to get his 4 Star set, they haven't done any since Cejudo and they put that one up ridiculously fast. They shouldn't be dropping them in packs that's just egregious I don't mind main event winners getting a boosted card in their packs but those should be entirely unrelated from the champion sets
  • Hopefully by Friday
  • PiggidyPanda
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    edited January 2019
    The original set has disappeared, so I assume adding her soon, liek they did with DC
  • Dunsmore204
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    edited January 2019
    The original set disappeared days ago.... still nothing , soon becomes annoying after a week
  • When are they gonna release her already, they waiting til she loses the title or retires til they put her is champ sets.... I’d be 100% positive they weren’t doing it if it wasn’t for the facts she isn’t in sets .. stop what ur doin ea and make this a priority.... cause no one cares about the crap can’t wait pack u just released with gold moves no one cares about... who collects gold moves now??? There almost useless at this point ...
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