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Give us Thiago Santos and Anthony Smith before UFC 4.

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As a little parting gift. I have wanted to play as these guys since they fought each other. The fight actually looked like video game combat.


  • shouldn't even be thinking a bout a 4 honestly, they need to think about the space for add more fighters, every division has gotten stale. need to had more caf space and custom event space Geoff has done a great job with everything, timing needs to be tweaked a little eon some moves and stamina is still being weird. other than that they need fighters. there is a high number f fighters who haven't even been in the ufc since the game started or lasted half the year in the ufc. not counting legends. plus no new fighter appearances. I have a feeling if the do number 4 it will be a lot like this game and have a shortage of fighters, cinematics and venues etc etc.
  • If EA wants to get back credibility and support from US CUSTOMERS( you know, who actually pay their bills) they should rather update the roster and divisions, and dont focus on microtransaction **** a la 2k
  • JeanEverhard
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    We need Thiago Santos!!!!! :'(

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  • We need Thiago Santos!!!!! :'(

    Edited for all caps ~Rtas

    Just make him as a caf use the gameface
  • jamesd79
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    Definitely Santos and Smith !!!!!
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