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Hopefully this is ea's last ufc game

I've not played ufc 3 in a few months because I've been playing fight night champion and oh Lord. After being a huge fan of every ufc game to date, I even pre ordered the champions addition of 3 EA have killed my love for ufc games. The game just feels so slow and just.....awful. I think if ea do another ufc game unlike before I'm gonna wait and not pre order.


  • Unfortunately I think they have 1 more title release left smh. Personally if they dont address anything. im not buying it maybe after a week it will be on gamepass anyways. Its a shame really because I've had every Console MMA game out on day ones all the way back to ultimate fighting championship from 2000 since EA has had the right I just wait the reputation they have for fixing any problems is very bad hints price always drops after 2 to 3 months the only title worth anything is Madden and since madden hasnt been in the game its been trash. Sorry EA somebody needs to fix this or EA is just going to crumble battle field a dud price dropped after a week lol im done XD
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    I only bought this game because ufc 2 servers are dead im done with these games as they keep getting worse the striking is slow and grappling is op when someone can spam 22 td on me a match and still have no real stamina drain its so ridiculous

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  • What about the horrible pay to win?
    $100 for Jon Jones?
    Overpriced coins.
    Terrible drop rates on gold fighters.
    I've opened 25 of the current season pack trying to get 1 gold fighter and haven't gotten it. But I get plenty of gold consumables...
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