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Salvation for EA's UFC Franchise??

I think the developers have probably done the best they could do within the constraints they're working in.

After hearing all of the unfavorable comparisons to THQ's UFC 3 Undisputed which virtually everyone rates as a superior UFC combat simulation (graphics excluded), I realize EA's developers have probably done everything they could to implement as much of Undisputed as possible. But they've just dramatically missed the mark.

The judging and decision AI is horribly broken. Any sports game where judges decisions could play into winners and losers should have a reasonable judge/decision algorithm. Customers would have been more satisfied if the developers just added up the stats and whichever fighter had the most was declared the winner. Instead there is some bizarre scoring algorithm that nobody likes, wants, understands or respects. Although it seems minor, its major because it ruins the experience for many UFC owners.

Also , the fact that there is no real attempt for the AI to simulate the actual fighters its supposed to be representing, i.e. all AI fighters basically fight the same is simply unforgivable. I recently watched a match CPU match between Machida and Bones Jones and it was horrible and comical at the same time. Not even close to what would happen between those two. And with EA's experience with sports games they should no a little something about simulation. There should be no way that a fighter that has no bjj dominating a fighter that is known for bjj.

The game is for the most part a simulation in looks only. The card girls, the octagon, the announcer, the character models all look the part. But simulation ends there.

Sure there are sliders to let customers blow off steam, but sliders are no replacement for good AI programming and simulation. Giving the customers sliders is really the ultimate cop out. By giving the customer sliders the developers have basically thrown up their hands and said we can't figure it out let the customer do it themselves. I'm guessing this is because of some limitation in the game engine and tool set that EA dictated to the developers (which had to be radically different) from what THQ used in UFC 3 Undisputed . This must be the case because if the engines were similar certainly EA's UFC would be much better off simply to copy THQ's UFC Undisputed 3 game mechanics, modes, AI templates, match rules, Pride mode, etc and add EA's superior graphics and EA would have a blockbuster game. So the only conclusion I'm left with is the developers have done the best possible job they could with the game engine, tool set and budget they were stuck with.

So I don't blame the game developers. They are probably to be applauded in this environment. EA is the real and only villain here. Anybody remember this:


THQ sued EA over its business practices concerning the UFC license. In the end THQ wanted the UFC license back. Based off of what EA has done with UFC 1, UFC 2 and now UFC 3, fans would have been better off if EA had never maneuvered the UFC license away from THQ. Originally Dana White did not want EA to have the license because EA's original attitude toward the sport. Dana White should have trusted his original instinct. The THQ games added to the hype of the real life sport and vice versa. EA's UFC offerings have probably cost Dana money.

THQ's UFC 2009, UFC 2010, and UFC 3 Undisputed sold far more copies and satisfied many more fans of the sport than EA's UFC (which apart from excellent graphics and character models) has been a complete travesty.

At this point in the franchise, perhaps all that is left for EA and for the fans is

1. EA to apologize to THQ's developers, hire them (if they haven't already done so), give them the game engine and tools of their choice and let them start with a baseline of THQ's UFC 3 Undisputed and build on that. Yes REBOOT the series duplicate UFC 3 Undisputed and build on that.

2. All the true fans of UFC combat simulations can do is: find and play UFC Undisputed. Single Player and Two Player modes are awesome!!!! Two player supports up to a sixteen man tournament. There are no micro transactions to worry about. The AI is totally legitimate, the judging/decision game is legitimate, the A I simulations of the fighters are acceptable, there is PRIDE Mode, Title Defense Mode, Title Mode, Tournament Mode, and excellent Practice/Tutorial Mode, and incredible Highlight Reel Mode, Extensive fighter and fighter gear customization, Event Mode, and the Career Mode makes the EA UFC career mode look like the joke that it is.

Although I have purchased and currently own EA's UFC 2, EA's UFC 3, EA's original MMA game, me and my mates now regularly play THQ's UFC 3 Undisputed on a PS3 attached to a nice 70 inch HD and the game looks and plays **** awesome.

EA either give the license and franchise to someone else who can do justice with it. Or get the code, game engine, and developers from THQ's UFC 3 Undisputed and build on that. That's the only salvation and way forward at this point.

The damage has been done with UFC1,UFC 2, and UFC 3. Its not too late show some humility and wisdom and do the right thing.


  • ……….we can have hope....sure, but by what I'm seeing on the posts.....they don't care to change...…...
  • PervKing
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    > @abc1368721995 said:
    > ……….we can have hope....sure, but by what I'm seeing on the posts.....they don't care to change...…...

    Name one game where EA actually cared for what their customer base wanted. :P
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