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This is your chance EA - UFC 4


  • - Minimum 100 CAF slots ... been asking for this for years. 2k have it in their WWE games. EA probably won't though, as the more fighters you create the less likely you are to pay for DLC new ones.

    - CAF share ... again, probably won't get it for the same reason.

    - Pride Mode

    - Create our own brand/show mode, which editing rings, logos, etc.

    - Much more legends in the roster ... Randy, Chuck, Rampage, Royce, etc

    - Catch weight fights

    - Classic Mode, ie. a tournament like UFC 1, no gloves, limited rules, no weight classes.
  • I am not playing online, I do not play the definitive team, I play offline, only in career mode and with family or friends, we like to create our own fighters, many of them fictitious and face them in tournament mode, in event mode or simply in a fight now, is that it takes into account the amount of weight categories that brings the game, 22 spaces for our fighters, makes us very few, for that I ask to reach at least 132 spaces to create my fighters
  • I hope that UFC 4 is also in the Spanish 🇪🇸language, I remember that in UFC 1 it came in Latin Spanish
  • When announced departure date of UFC 4?
  • turbican1
    1 posts New member
    The first thing is to congratulate for the good franchise you have created, but I think there are still a few details to be a game that is remembered as a myth, I add some details that I would add to ufc4 to make it the best game in history of martial arts,

    1- Having the possibility of creating infinite fighters, as there is already a tennis game like that (Ao International Tennis), I am a fan of muay thai, and I would love to create many fighters of this sport that I know will never come out in any game, such as example :

    Samart Payakaroon
    Somrak Khamsing
    Apidej Sit Hirun
    Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn
    Wanheng Menayothin
    Chayaphol Moonsri
    Nai Khanom Tom “Father of Muay Thai”
    O las luchadoras
    Nong Tum
    Yohanna Alonso
    Michelle Preston
    Alena Liashkevich
    Roxy Richardson
    Sarah Rankin
    Tiffany van Soest
    Juliana Rosa
    Patricia Axling
    Valentina Shevchenko

    I would even like to create some more amateur fighters, therefore, only 22 wrestlers are very scarce, I would let you create all we want, that as long as the console had memory space, we could continue to create more, and put a limit , you should be able to create up to 200 fighters

    2- As in my case with muay thai, I know that other people who have other preferences and want other specialties, so, in the menu to create a wrestler, I would return to ufc2 where we could choose the martial art of our fighter ( muay thai, boxing, kick boxing, jiu-jitsu ..., and not as in ufc3 you can only choose between kicker, street, balanced ...,

    And that this type of election, we would create a 100x100 fighter of that specialty, which if we choose boxing or muay thai, the fighters lack the possibility of taking the fight to the ground, unless we then reissue features apart, this would make ufc 4, the most complete game in history since we could play any kind of martial art, without abandoning the mma

    3- That the female feather and fly weights appear

    4 - also have a publisher of tournaments completely open to fighting mode, weights and genres, where we could make a tournament where we could put wrestlers of different weights, and even where the participation was mixed (men and women), also where you could

    choose all the rules, for example, if we want soil or not, also that I could choose if we want the fight to be with the regulation of muay thai, boxing or any other modality

    5- that you can fight in quadrilaterals and not only in octagons

    6- to have a clothes editor, where we could choose colors, shapes ...

    7- have an octagon and quadrilateral editor

    8- more possibilities in the editing physicist of fighters, especially the female sex should have many more types of hairstyles
  • Leiqueros
    45 posts Member
    That UFC 4 includes the rules of other type of fight, such as boxing or muay thai or others would be fantastic, and that we could use these in tournament mode, as well as in event mode as well as in fight now, without forgetting the fight on foot that was also very good for the game, I love muay thai and it bothers me not being able to develop it with its rules, if this was included in the game it would be great, but without forgetting that the game needs other improvements, more details in the fights such as watching the mouth guard fall in a spectacular and accurate blow, that a fighter is injured and can not be present at the time of the decision better to see some scene as it is attended to the injury, when a fight is balanced that can happen that ends in boards, a much higher number of fighters created by us, only 22 is very scarce, a minimum of 132 fighters but if they are 200 even better, including the new categories of female weight, m more variety of hairstyles and more bodies in women, and everything that can be improved in the gameplay of this fantastic game
  • Leiqueros
    45 posts Member
    Eager to hear from UFC 4
  • jackabee5
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    edited May 2019
    bought 3 gaming consoles on the back of mma games, starting with the dreamcast back in the day.........love me some fun fighting games but lets be real i could list my wants and needs but why waste my time?........nobody listens unless your one of 3 [Removed] on youtube, so let me cut to the chase i would not entertain buying another ea release as long as i live, and the sooner and another developer gets the licence the better.......hope they loose the rights before they kill off the entire genre like they did boxing......for the record i never want to see another fightnight either......[Removed]

    Removed toxic and inappropriate comments. ~Rtas
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  • [quote="jackabee5;c-2067644"]bought 3 gaming consoles on the back of mma games, starting with the dreamcast back in the day.........love me some fun fighting games but lets be real i could list my wants and needs but why waste my time?........nobody listens unless your one of 3 [Removed] on youtube, so let me cut to the chase i would not entertain buying another ea release as long as i live, and the sooner and another developer gets the licence the better.......hope they loose the rights before they kill off the entire genre like they did boxing......for the record i never want to see another fightnight either......[Removed]

    [i]Removed toxic and inappropriate comments. ~Rtas[/i][/quote]

    I am hoping that EA Sport will listen, and in this next UFC 4 they want the community of users that we like this type of games, be amazed with it, I have commented that apart from the improvements that must have in the gameplay , the game must also improve in the details so that everything seems more real, and they are things that already came in UFC Undisputed 3 of THQ that was for PlayStation 3 things like the injuries of the fighters in some fights and not being able to attend the decision of the fight due to the injury, seeing the mouthguard fly in some spectacular and accurate blow, or being able to create many more fighters since only 22 wrestlers can be created, in the Undisputed 3 there were 40 that could be created, although I hope that in UFC 4 there is a big important jump in this sense and we have 132 or more spaces to be able to create my fighters, we also had the pride mode where we could enjoy a boxing type of boxing, apart from everything I would love this next UFC 4 to have the possibility to use the rules of other types of wrestling such as boxing, the Muay Thai that I like so much and these rules can be used in tournament mode, in event mode and in the fight now, to continue the fight on foot, that also be present the new feminine weights (featherweight and flyweight), that women have more models of hairstyles and with more types of bodies, than all these things and many more, make us feel the need to buy the next UFC 4 of EA Sport
  • I am very excited that UFC 4 will fulfill my expectations
  • I hope that in UFC 4 of EA they improve the KO Technician (KOT) in the blows to the legs, since it is not logical that it is the area of ​​the weakest body of the fighters, please improve that, which is very unreal that so many fights end up with that kind of technical KO
  • When creating my wrestlers I hope that the amount of space to save my wrestlers will increase considerably, at least 132 wrestlers, 22 wrestlers are very few, and I also hope that the number of countries where the wrestlers come from will increase. should add countries such as Greece, Turkey and Hungary (Europe) Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala (America) some more from Asia and many more from Africa that only came 3 countries in UFC 3
  • Dzimi22
    2 posts New member
    I'm more of a single player than online and I have some thoughts about Career Mode
    As mentioned earlier not a single fighter career but being an owner of a gym would be great. All of that stuff like hiring coaches, buying some new equipment, managing few fighters just sound very appealing.

    I have also some concers about creating fighters in Career Mode, for example training "chin" stat is ridiculous. Chin should have been at some level and then decline with more punches eaten and age.

    Other thing is that I'd love to see some martial arts to choose from when creating a fighter. Simple things like boxer (+hand speed, -leg health) etc.
    BTW when chosing for example BJJ roots you can have better chin because you were not punched in the head for years of training.

    Another idea - amateur tournamets at the beginning of a career. Depending on your success you will receive some boosts to stats.
    But it can go in two ways.
    1) If you choose for example boxing then you'll take part in boxing competition OR
    2) You fight in amateur MMA competition.

    In early stages of our career everyone is freaking bad. It shouldn't be like that. There should be some variety in our foes. BJJ black belt transitioning to MMA who is deadly on the ground but pretty weak in standup or experienced kickboxer fragile to wrestling or maybe former thriathlonist who is mediocre in fighting skills but has great cardio.
  • All i have to say is make the controls like THQ did for UFC Undisputed 3. This was the best UFC game ever made as far as controls and career mode wasnt bad either. Thats my personal hope for this game if this game comes out with the same poor movement and striking ability it really would be a waste of time. THQ was able to nail the movement in just 3 games. I hope EA can do better. As for anything else people pretty much beat me to the punch when it comes to adding a GM or President mode and making the career mode better in detail like having press conferences and things of that nature. I have also seen a few people say make it a career mode similar to NBA 2K where its sort of a story career mode. That would be pretty interesting too.
  • MikePacis26
    1 posts New member
    Now that the gameplay is developed, I think detail to career modes will take the game to the next level.

    Have a street or neighborhood mode would be awesome. Where you shop for training gear, clothes, haircuts, just stuff to buy with your money. Have tiers for houses, mansions, apartments, sleeping in the gym that you train at when you first start off. These are real life experiences that José Also and a few others dealt with coming up as a champion.

    Also, after your career. Start your own gym and create more fighters to add to your legacy which could potentially unlock team mode. Decorate your gym with your belts and choose your team to walk out with you. Hire a nutritionist, strength and conditioning coaches, mental coaches, to give your fighter the best possibilities to win their fight.

    New moves that you’ve acquired would be available to work on backstage before the fight. Work on basic combos, new moves, sprawls. When you walk out you can move your arms around to hype up the crowed, yell, or just run to the octagon.

    Lastly, training and nutrition will also determine your fighters physic just like the older fight nights. (Which could be turned off and on) in gameplay or difficulty settings.
  • You guys said your overhauling the ground game but with the Transitions and transition fakes do need to be fixed, and I understand that you're fixing that; add more variety to takedowns. High crutches, single legs, pulling guard, getting back Mount from clinch while still standing that can be a clinch, clinching against the gate. Get a hanging clinch the fightercould go for a takedown there. there's more to it than just being on the ground out right even though the name implies it. Try adding holds that put a strain on both players for example a body triangle that would put a strain on the users legs to hold it and also make the opponent's body hurt while also draining a bit of stamina now the holds could lead to sustain damage or a submission an easier submission at that try adding unique submissions like Frank Mir's shoulder lock, calf slicers hanging submissions. You added the Wiz bar on Demetrious Johnson that's really the only unique submission that was in UFC 3 while there are other submissions that are rare it really wasn't unique per say. And please don't Nerf the clinch like you did it was beyond hard to get into the clinch not against the cage
  • I hope that the number of fighters that can be created increases considerably in UFC 4, just being able to create 22 fighters despairs me, it is something that would not be complicated to add and would greatly help those of us who like to have our own fighters edited by ourselves, I hope that the amount is much greater than 100 fighters, since with so many weight categories only 22 spaces is very little
  • *new mechanic*
    When going for a submission, let me have the option to switch to a better position while giving up the submission. Example, kimura to top mount, or taking the back. Omaplata to back mount. Guillotine crucifix sweep to top mount. ECT. Plus let's just add more chaining submissions. Kimura to guillotine, Guillotine to Triangle, armbar to omoplata, triangle to Triangle armbar. Etc
  • No news about UFC 4?
  • Masontcarr wrote: »
    60fps On Regular PS4 And Xbox One Consoles
    PC And Switch Ports
    A Mode Similar To WWE's Universe Mode
    Frostbite Engine
    Ronda Rousey And Brock Lesnar As Fighters (Even though they are in WWE right now)
    Authentic Arenas
    UFC Legends Playable (Rampage Jackson, Chuck Liddell, GSP, ETC)
    Choosing An Arena
    Scotiabank Arena, Avenir Centre, & Rogers Arena As One Of The Arenas
    Fighter's Talking
    A Better Soundtrack Than Past Games.

    I hope UFC 4 is very good, and the best UFC game in the series.
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