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  • Things I wish to see in UFC 4:

    1. A REPLAY function at the pause menu that allows you to watch back any sequence from any angle, speed, etc., just as games like Madden and FIFA have. It's strange that the UFC games don't have this feature yet.

    2. In addition to the REPLAY function, it would be cool to then be able to also use it to create highlight reels for fighters in career mode. Similar to the Rockstar Editor in GTA, it would be fun to show off some skills with creative, custom highlight montages that we can be able to share across the web.

    3. More variance in career mode possibilities. Instead of just landing on Looking for A Fight or the Ultimate Fighter, it would be cool if there were more options and if they were much more random per career. The Contender Series as a choice or picking a bout against an opponent that the UFC may be already looking at to sort of steal his thunder. Maybe even things like your opponent pulling out last minute and someone else on the card steps in to take their place. I feel the more variance in career mode possibilities the more exciting it would be to repeat career over and over.

    4. Many more tattoo plus hairstyle options. The more the merrier with these.

    5. Arena options for the TUF house and UFC Apex. It's fun to mix things up with those types of venues from time to time.

    6. In practice mode, it would be cool if the fighters wore actual practice gear like rash guards, t-shirts, etc. Just adds to the separation of practice mode and competition. It would be best if we could alaso choose what to wear in practice mode.

    7. A feature in practice mode where you can drill strikes and combinations with an actual pad holder. There would be no cooler way to perfect combos than to have mitt-hitting drills. Maybe the pad holder calls out combinations based on the difficulty setting we choose and we then have to nail the combo with perfect timing. To take it even further, it would be really cool if we could actually choose a number of combinations and their order, and the pad holder will then call them out in that sequence. That way, the user can practice exactly what combo sequence they want to work on, without just teeing off on a motionless CPU in practice mode.

    8. In addition to the last one, it would also be cool if we can freely hit a heavy bag. We can do this by playing the heavy bag drill, but to also just be able to hit a variety of different types of bags completely freely would be a cool addition to practice mode as well.
  • ZacME3
    1 posts New member
    EA, please make Master Wong a playable fighter, with a nut a grab as a special move.
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