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Super speed combos ?

Why are some combos so fast if i hit the buttons really fast?

Im i trippin out is it a optical illusion does anyone else notice this?

The 1-2 can be so fast sometimes i can barely see it.

I personally think the game would be much more enjoyable if they were gone

I've had 2 LB buttons break from having to hit it so fast and so often it just pops out in middle of the fight


  • Same as jab uppecut hook. They are so fast cuz this game is scripted that way. Combos should work as fast as every other punch but unfortunately in this game its enough to spam and what is even more funny there are few players even in top 10 who are spamming and talking about "bad spammers" at once...
  • I think if some fighters have fluidity perk it makes there combos even faster... not sure how it effects a fighter who already had 100 speed though:.. I heard power isn’t maxed at 100 from perks
  • I like it. Mastering fast combos is a apart of the fight game.
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