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EA Sports UFC 4 Wishlist Thread.

It's 2019 folks, and what a way to start the new year is to think about the next UFC game for 2020. What would you guys want in UFC 4 for 2020?


  • Hope EA wont be the company to make UFC 4.. Thats my wish :D
  • Lol

    I hope they make the grappling fun and mix it better so the clinch and tds flow together

    I hope the add the option to switch to single leg TD/clinch when doing driving TD and the option to stop doing the driving TD and start striking out of the TD

    Add TONS of new striking animations for every strike they should range from AMATEUR to MASTER amateur should literally look amateur should look like the strikes when ur rocked in ufc 3

    GnP animations are all the same this is very bad. Jon jones needs special elbows from every position and many other fighters should have unique GnP and TDS and grappling transitions

    The damage system needs to be tweaked its huge improvement but still need work

    Accuracy this is the most important thing it literally DOES NOT EXIST theres a stat ACC but it has nothing to do with how accurate ur strikes really are it just determines the damage when hit during head movement.

    If they only could fix 1 thing id pick the accuracy hands down

    Put acc to 0 and see it does nothing

    Thinking about this game just **** me off
  • Allowing us to import created fighters from UFC 2 and 3 to 4
  • 60fps On Regular PS4 And Xbox One Consoles
    PC And Switch Ports
    A Mode Similar To WWE's Universe Mode
    Frostbite Engine
    Ronda Rousey And Brock Lesnar As Fighters (Even though they are in WWE right now)
    Authentic Arenas
    UFC Legends Playable (Rampage Jackson, Chuck Liddell, GSP, ETC)
    Choosing An Arena
    Scotiabank Arena, Avenir Centre, & Rogers Arena As One Of The Arenas
    Fighter's Talking
    A Better Soundtrack Than Past Games.
  • I want it to come out on the Xbox Scarlett and PS5 and I want to be able to do Champ vs Champ fights, also get every fighter in the game
  • well to add on to what ive said before, id like to see more broken bones, hematomas, accidental eye pokes and groin shots like in the boxing game. doctor stoppages and throw in the towel by corner dependin how the fight goes. realism is always a good thing. ea has done some what of a good job but has a great deal of work to do. If the new game wont be out til 2020 we should be get updates or fighters still. id really like ea to change gaming, ea ufc3 and 4 should be constantly updated and boosted every event. this isn't like football or and other seasonal sport. needs to be change soon or more people will leave and want 2k to make games.
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