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Dillashaw early stoppage?

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What does everyone think... I think it was early .. could have let it go til tj was sleeping but let’s be realistic... he was knocked down multiple times and when the fight was stopped Henry was still landing hard shots ... tj wasn’t going to be able to pull a single leg on Olympic wrestler Cejudo in that state..like he claimed he was trying to do in the post fight interview. i don’t see tj getting to a point where he gained his composure and wasn’t in a bad position.. Henry was relentless .. I wanted to see tj snoozing..’lol... champ vs champ fight shouldn’t end like that... but it was over anyways . Be realistic ... ur rocked and u have an Olympic gold medal winning wrestler on ur back pounding u with shots ... where U gonna go and how are u gonna stop being punched in the face relentlessly .. tj should be thanking the ref for saving him from a concussion instead of being pissed ... don’t end up rocked in the fetal position lol


  • This stoppage was not early. If anything it could be considered late. Tj was dropped more than once, he had way more time than he should've anyway.
  • Early stop but he was doomed. Henry had this look on his face like "are you really that slow?" I think TJ just doesn't have the right build for that weight class. I think he beats Henry at 135.
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