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Latest update?

On Feb 2nd early in the morning i got a fighter update or tuner set. The updates when you start the game and requires you to download it. Im just wondering what was in that update, so far i cannot find any info about this update. With that said can some one give me some info on what this update has changed. My other question i been wondering about is the last content patch, is that the last patch that EA UFC 3 is going to release? Thanks to anyone that has taken out there time to answer these questions and thank you EA for constantly improving this game, its amazing how much better this game has improved since launch and i dont think you guys get as much thanks and respect as you deserve. Thank you again and keep up the good work.


  • last legit patch was December 8th to promote a deal to get fight night champion, other then that everything has been tuners. When was your last update before this one?
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