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I was trimming a clip, when I got an error message and application closed. Once it restarted, I had to sit through the original UFC 3 process, as if I were playing the game for the 1st time. No game progress was lost, but it was annoying.


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    So it seems the game is coded to give fighters in online mode a advantage such is the dum eat thing I ever heard of for a online mode were peopple want to be competitive just becouse of that I'm done playing the game and will not be getting eney more ea you really make crapy games this days I'm sick of being cheated out of win I should have gotten by beating the crap out of some one and just lousing pluse all the kicks are broken thay dont do end damge Moser of the time for the amount of stanma thay cost iv lost lots of fights because I was trying to win with kicks but even with 85% shots landed I run out of stanma my opponent is bealy hert thin I lose hmm I was doinga online fight were I was doing less damge with a spinning back kick to the body thin my opponent was with a lead body round and know I was Moser the time moving away from the stokes so it's not like I was walking in to them as a matter of fact evey hit he dead did like 2 or 3 times the damge with the same moves Pluse I head beaten the check out of him landing lots of significant strikes and he lands one jab and do as much damge as I did with a 5 hit combo all landed that's **** ea you game is trash and you clearly have no interest in fixing it and one more thing all the traditional kicks are broken to often I land the perfect shot that should do lots of damge or end the fight and it don't register it counts as a miss and dranes all my stanma and I take big damge or it did a little sliver of damge win it should have bin big game since that were moving right in to it with low stanma that is **** ea to cheat players that invest more time thin others and you prgamed some of it that way on purpos
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