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poor EA, unimportant members

I want to get rid of something.
When it comes to purchases in the store, we can not spend enough money on EA.
These are things we like to do.
but once it comes to a simple message to all UFC mobile players, a multinational is incapable of doing so.
a simple press release would have been enough to keep us in the dark.
but what the hell, we're just the dumb ones who pay you (EA)
so I just say THX. and I hope that many like the post


  • I agree completely!!! People got blantantly ripped off and they can't tell you anything for a week now!!
    Many have posted and asked but all we know there is a rumor that it's been hacked!! Who knows.. but one thing for sure either I receive Brock Lesner or I go to google play for a refund!! I will no longer spend a penny on anything Ea.. They don't care about customers at all..
    People been asking for years for a good update, for head to head to have different fighter seasons so we can use karate, judo, stricker etc fighter but they don't even try... same old thing over and over!!
    If there was a hack yes they should put out a memo or something but not anything from them and not even on the forum they run for this reason... sad...
  • Agree, same problem for over a week now and still nothing, not 1 reply. No events, 1 fighter showcase for 4 days and now back to same problem with no answers.
  • Everybody become a like from me, sorry my english is Not the best, i Hope it Makes a diffrend. I wait two weeks but nothing change. I hope it getting better
    Sorry my english is realy Not the best😂
  • mmabelgium
    2 posts New member
    I dont even think they dead this forum.

    Otherwise a simple announcement would have gone a long way.

    Maybe they are slowly shutting down the game. No more showcase, Events or h2h. But they could at least put out a statement.
  • I received a refund of 2000 gold and was able to keep the other fighters. All I did was file a claim through the in-game support option. I got my refund 2 days ago
  • I also been trying and they said today my case was forwarded to a higher level. I told them I want Lesner or my 2000 gold. The guy I spoke to said he was aware of the lesner problem but nothing else. I explained the games hasn't had anything for almost 2 weeks. Regardless I won't let this go till I get brock or my gold. Anyone hear of when this will be fixed.
  • Heard nothing and it’s been like this for 2 weeks now.
  • I'm hearing rumors of a big update/security fix coming soon
  • SwaneeRox wrote: »
    I'm hearing rumors of a big update/security fix coming soon

    Any rumors of when?
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