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H2H works

Just wanted to let everyone know on UFC mobile the H2H works now


  • Thanks... I tried to play it and yes it works but in my league 1 hour into it and 3 players already have over 57,000 points???
    Also after every fight same error code of the old one (I forget exactly what letters) so I'm guessing it's not fully fixed..
    They also have a LE fighter in the store but no fighter showcase???
  • Yeah same as mine, I would assume they’re working to fix both Showcase and Live Event and also trying to fix the error code that pops up after every fight in H2H.
  • also to me from the same problems in h2h from error (0x201FFFD) and in my ranking all 100 are at more than 57000 practically have finished the mma35 season so we will not find almost any one for the challenges in h2h then every 2 error games and takes 3 of energy we will never get to prizes
  • It's a good thing they have h2h fixed but its really not worth it to play cause your not gonna find alot of matches since there are many who somehow have completed the entire season already????
    I don't even know what to say about this game and the support staff anymore.
    I will never make it to 1st prize this season and what about the prizes? A. Pettis is taekwondo and another fighter that does not have their own fighting style season!!!
  • Chipenn
    4 posts New member
    I think that's what games do to buy time.They must have a lot to figure out by now, so it will take a long time to recover.Maybe they don't know how to solve the technical problem.I hope this game doesn't have so many bugs.A lot of players around me are ready to abandon.
  • I know, same here. But it’s worked for so long for me and I don’t want them to end it so I’m riding it out. I hope everyone sticks with it also.
  • JensenMMA
    9 posts New member
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