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Wrong rewards!

Besides having 2 people in 1st and 2nd in my league with over 57000 points, me in 3rd and no one else playing I got to my Dustin P reward but got Meshia Tate instead! I looked at the rewards and they were the same ones listed from season 34!! What is going on with this game?!?! Want my Dustin!! Took pics but since I’m a newbie on here it won’t let me post them


  • Same thing happened to me. And yes I have 8 people from the start of 35 season who had over 57,000 points!! They need to remove those people so it can be fair because we will never get the iconic fighter after claiming box 1 and leading the division. Hopefully they fix it but I am losing hope with this game...
  • Yeah disappointed!! After going thru 3 different people at EA and about 20 emails I was told too bad on my Dustin Poirier but they would send me a fighter box to make up for it! Wow a fighter box which would prob give me a cheap duplicate anyway!!! And I never even received the fighter box!! So I’ve sent 5 more emails about my fighter box and they have never replied to one of them! If I’m able to get a bit over 20,000 points in the next 13 days and the 2 people at the top of my league don’t notice I’ll be able to win. Seems they are giving up on us cause we have had to events either, just the H2H... good luck and hopefully things get back to normal soon
  • Chipenn
    4 posts New member
    Very good luck, man. I have claimed my idol Brock for nearly a month, and no significative answer, say nothing of solution. I give up. The customer services are no better than an AI, I just feel that EA should use a robot to reply his players' problems, they are just the same, no help, but a robot is much cheaper.
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