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Fighter Showcases are up.

Fighter showcases have been put back up by EA. Just wanted everyone to know who play the game.


  • then there are windows again? I don't have them
  • ok i entered the game did the upgrade and now there is the window
  • Same here. They must have finished there upgrade. Little differences on mine, but back to normal for the most part.
  • Not for me. The game crashes at starting logo after this update.
  • After they put up Wonderboy no more showcases or Live events again. At least for me
  • I don't have any either... again...
    Someone said in another post that EA is not doing g them or live events anymore.. I can believe it by the way things have been.. It may just be a career game and that will be the end for me..
  • even I no longer have the window I talked now with EA operators and they tell me that they are aware of the problems and that they are working on it we hope it is true already 3 weeks with these problems will make reports!
  • Same here still no showcases or live events.
  • This game is crashes at the beginning i am trying last four days by clear data 3 to 4 times and reinstalled all game 2 time but game could not start at the middle stage of h2h game started problem lot of data and time waste someone help me brose
  • I think ra took out support slowly
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