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What is wrong with this game?

Again we have no live event. We had a fighter showcase for 2 days then nothing again? Are you guys trying to bring this game back to where it was? Please give us faithful players some information regarding the status of the game.


  • EA stopped the resources of the game because it does not pay
  • So I am assuming what your saying is the game is pretty much done? No more head to head, fighter showcase and live events?
    After this season of h2h I'm saying.. well this really sucks to all the older players who have accomplished so much and spent so much time and some people spent money as well... This is really disappointing... I will have to agree with you cause nothing has been done with game recently and no one here gives us any information... Thanks...
  • this game is beginning to be a boring.
    No events , no new fighters , nothing.
    If no changes, I will leave this soon
  • Your not the only one.. Seems they can care less about this game. I am giving it till I get first box on h2h and if it doesn't go back to atleast what it was then it's off my phone as well..
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