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Error 0x201FFFD again!!!

When i enter the game, appears an error message 0x201FFFD, I get no daily reward!! please fix it asap!!!


  • From what I read in another thread that they are done with this game. There won't be anymore fighter showcases, live events or h2h??? I don't know if it's true but sure seems that way cause there are no fighters in store or anything!!! They have not tried to improve this game at all as the different fighter styles for h2h, new moves or new fighters.. I am not happy about it and I'm sure many others arent as well.. I just spent 52 energy looking for someone to fight back.. My team power is at 22,000 and highest opponent was at 6,000... something isn't right.. also they day h2h started I had 7 players with over 57,000 points 10 minutes after it started!!!! Lol...
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