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Still no fighter showcase or Live Event

They have fighters in the store, Ross Pearson, and Karolina but with no showcases you can’t see their abilities. We’ve have 1 showcase, Wonderboy, nothing after or before for 3 or 4 weeks now. The only money I spend is from the showcases so they’re losing money by not putting fighters up. I would just like to know something other than rumors.


  • Bkolz1012
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    I am believing the one person who said that they will not have live events and fighter showcases cause it's now almost 1 month and nothing is fixed when it comes to that. And if EA is crying about money well then they should of listened to players for years who asked for different fighting styles for h2h, also add fighters who are in the ufc but not on game etc. They completely ignored all requests and people are upset.. So I can believe that they are done with this game and no representative for EA even has the common courtesy to let players know either way...They have Ross Pearson le. For 120 hours for 300 gold?? Really??
    Yeah I'm convinced they are 100%done with this game.. strictly career mode and that's stupid.. I will continue to play this h2h season but if no great changes in next 20 days then I will remove the game! Why should we care when the developers and staff here don't care?
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  • That’s terrible that they have the fighters for 98 more hours. I’m starting to think the same, Fighter showcases and Live events are the best part of the game besides H2H. Live events, if finished, would give a prize too. So for them to not make a comment when the game has been messed up for going on 2 months now. I just hate for them to quit on this game, I’ve spent money and a whole lot of time on this game.
  • They have a showcase up now with Karolina
  • Yeah but it's for 4 plus days?? So that means no live event again of fridsy!! I really wish they would get it together!!! I really do enjoy this game but it's upsetting
  • Chipenn
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    I doubt EA have given up the game. I feel the customer service of this game is not willing to solve the user's problem.Like the idol Brock,As well as showcase and live event.This game is dead.I think they might think it's better to reinvent a game than to do fix this one.I'm disappointed.This game has the potential to be a great game to play.But now he's been abandoned.
  • EA has been extremely unprofessional during this down time in the game. Why on earth wouldn't they tell us what's happening?
  • Bkolz1012
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    I believe they are done with it.. No response from anyone. When contacting support they don't tell you anything and we are going on 3 months this of this crap.. I'm done...can't find a match on h2h, started the season with people who had over 57,000 points!!! No live events, showcase etc.. If they don't care why the hell should we? I've invested years playing this game as many others and this is what you get. They should shut it down!! The game is boring, you can now beat a opponent who is maxed out with a guy who has 2,000 strength?? Its ridiculous!!
    Good luck to all who waits but 3 months is long enough for me!!
  • March 6th is when all of this started, so 1 month. I am close to being done with this game. It really sucks now, the new format, that is. Very unprofessional for EA not to tell us what is going.
  • I talked to a Ea person yesterday and the game is now what it will be!! That's it... career mode with fighter in the store..
    I got no explanation just his words that were" the game is how its supposed to be".. I said ok and uninstalled it... It's so boring and really no reason to keep playing... Great move Ea!!!! You suck!!!
  • Kristen275
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    Why aren't they conducting any live events.with only the career mode the game is too boring if they can't provide any updates on events the game is not going to be played by any one if this continues
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