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Live Tuner Set - April 11, 2019

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Gameplay Changes
  • Allow the fighter to perform fatigued major and minor lunges when in the stun health event state
  • Increased the stun threshold for triggering a stun health event, making them slightly less common
  • Allow health to regen a bit faster while in a stun health event
  • Reduced the amount of long term stamina loss when a transition performed by the Dominant fighter is denied on the ground
  • Slight speed up to the dominant half guard to side control transition
  • Reduced damage on the cartwheel kick and the rolling thunder by 5
  • Increase to the damage done by the lead spinning backfist by 2.5
  • Increased block recovery on rolling thunder
  • Slightly decrease damage of the lead jumping switch kick by 2.5
  • Slightly increased block bleed through on the jumping switch kick

This is a gameplay only update, there are no ratings or records updates with this tuner set.

Here is an analysis to go along with these changes from Geoff Harrower aka GamePlayDevUFC (Principal Software Engineer, Gameplay & Animation developper):

The most significant change with this update is the ability to lunge while in the stun state. If you read my analysis of the rock meta prior to this tuner set located here...

An analysis of the Current Rock State Meta - Geoff Harrower aka GamePlayDevUFC

...you'll understand why we chose to make this change.

Adding the ability to lunge while rocked provides a very important option select for the rocked fighter to deal with any strike that follows a blocked jab.

On the frame you confirm the blocked jab, you can immediately input a minor lunge to the outside of the jab while continuing to hold block, then immediately queue up a major back lunge while continuing to hold block.

If your opponent follows up with a jab, straight or uppercut you will evade it.

If your opponent follows up with a lead hook or back hook, you'll block it and in the worst case where you lunge into the hook while blocking, it will do about 10 damage. This is assuming full block meter, so the bleed through will vary depending on how much the block had broken down, and you clearly wouldn't want this outcome on the block breaking strike.

If your opponent throws a kick, including a lead roundhouse kick, the major back lunge is just fast enough to fully evade the kick. This does not require any reaction to the kick itself, but rather relies on executing the minor side lunge immediately upon block confirmation and queuing up the major back lunge before the minor side lunge completes.

This option select gives you the ability to protect your head against all attacks that come off the jab except the lead hook, in which case you will eat only mitigated block bleed through, the magnitude of which depends on the health of your block.

Combining this strategy with the ones outlined in my previous post should give players a full spectrum of survival options in the rock state.

I'm interested to see what other strategies emerge now that lunging is allowed while stunned.


  • CAP1313
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    edited April 2019
    There was no need to change the amount of damage done by the cartwheel kick or rolling thunder. It was a deterrent from idiot pressure fighters, who constantly move forward, throwing punches w/o giving a damn about defense. It kept people honest, causing them to pause and think before recklessly moving forward. The kick was easily blocked, as long as the player was aware of the threat and moved cautiously.

    What you should have done was increase stamina tax on combo throwers, REGARDLESS whether they land strikes or not. The only saving grace was some positive ground changes.

    Your grade: C-
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