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How To Get Better At UFC 3 Ultimate Team? - My Thoughts



  • Paltsari
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    Sure. What exactly do you mean when you say levelling fighters up?
  • Paltsari
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    Ok, I'm on a train and have some time to go through Season Events experiences.

    First things first. It cost either a lot of coins or money to do well in these events. First one requires lot of patience with saving your coins or lot of time to grind. Money route costs you...money. Obviously.

    If the Event coming up is something you like => save coins! The good thing about Season Events is the fact that you know where you are throwing your well earned coins. It is not ideal, but you have better odds at Master Level Fighters/Moves than Event Packs or even Elite/Master Packs as those cost you a lot more money.

    I usually go about it in "save 10k, use 5k" route. I don't know how much other ppl play, but for me grinding 20 000 coins a day is the absolute limit on normal play. If I go over that it is a lot (too much) of UFC 3 for one day. So grinding 15k per day + LEC Events + Season Rewards = You should be able to make 300k + bonuses per month. You throw some on the packs here and there. Maybe 300k per month is realistic amount of money put aside?

    For HC players that probably is low estimate, but for moderate dudes like myself a decent goa.

    Season Events usually have you chasing pieces or shards. It is luck-based, but little less than normal pack openings. I wouldn't do those 2:1 or 3:1 piece exchanges until the end of the campaign. You might have abundance of one piece on early stages, but in my experience you never know when the stride turns and you suprisingly need something you had a lot earlier.

    This Season Event has fighters grouped in two groups. My thinking here is to eliminate other group and concentrate on the another. Pick my "would keep fighters" there and start grinding towards em. Maybe you have 4 in the beginning (lets say Diaz, Penn, Liddell, Silva) and you save those. Other fighters you can do 3:1 if you are absolutely sure you don't use them. After awhile, near the end, you can start to focus on the 1-2 fighters that you like the most and/or have most cards on. Then you sell the rest of the guys.

    All this helps your odds on getting where you want to be with least amount of coins.

    Leveling up fighters is something I don't do. Just go and have few fights with your base card against single player or online and get a feel for it. Do you like it or not, which card feels the best etc... I'm not familiar with shard mechanics when you level up fighters as I don't do it, but you want all the flexibility with going forward or back with the fighters you'll upgrade. Don't waste a card!

    Wildcards are great way of cut some time off the project, but I'd rather save as many WC's I can. Always keep yourself at least 3-4 wildcards. You can upgrade the most important perks to elite, few others to gold, but don't go around wasting your daily tokens and wildcards on these too much.

    If you are few away in the last day of Season Event you can go ahead and use few WC's to complete the set, but other than that try to avoid using them until the last moment. I'm feeling there should be something nice coming up soon that you want to save your WC's at. Maybe some Master Level Moves or very powerful fighters... Just a hunch though.

    Tokens as far Bronze, Silver and Gold go... Do every Bronze and Silver Token you can, no need to save those contracts, moves, fighters for anything. Gold Tokens little bit different. I've had this feeling you could be doing good for yourself saving Gold Fighters for now. Maybe something coming up to use em later? If nothing comes come September transform em to Tokens too. I have saved my Elite Tokens (made 3 Elite Perks, nothing more) and keep saving them for now. They had an event where you were able to use Elite Tokens. I'm deffo holding for another event where you could use 'em again.

    For this event, taking in consideration 2xdaily pieces, shards dropping during the event, Seasonal Challenges... Maybe it don't take you as much coins as some of the other Events, but my estimation is north of 500k for one fighter. No need to use money if you have a goal of one complete fighter and with some savings before the event maybe 2 without money.

    But summer is still young, something good is coming so maybe don't go all out on this one? Save some WC's and money, round out your 1-2 fighters for this event and start to gear up for next one.

    Glove Up!
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