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Unable to update forum name!

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My origin ID differs from my forum ID. How that happened, I'll never know, but I contacted EA customer service, asking them to make the two match. The response was, they have no control over the forums and suggested I do it myself. When I go to Edit Profile, the ID and email are grayed out... WOW.. It's YOUR WEBSITE, what's the matter with this company?!
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    Just a heads up I've updated your topic title, I understand your frustration however there is no need to call our staff in this manner. Your Origin ID should automatically update your forum name upon login, the only reason I can think of is an account merger or deletion may have messed this up. I'll see if I can update this manually on my end as well, what account name do you want on this forum account? Keep in mind that we can't use account names that already in use.


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