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I would like you to retouch the haircuts of the fighters more often. Also, add more as heavyweight willis among others. I would like that also when creating our fighter you can put knee and elbow pads. and finally that in the moment of rest in the corner finds an optional minigame to seal the fighter either by refreshing it with ice cleaning wounds and adding petroleum jelly and creams, in addition that the demolitions finish differently and the most important LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY FOR YOUR GAME TO IMPROVE AND HAVE MORE SALES AND INTERESTED THANK YOU AND I HOPE YOU READ THIS.


  • braian1021
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  • I am hoping that EA Sport will listen, and in this next UFC 4 they want the community of users that we like this type of games, be amazed with it, I have commented that apart from the improvements that must have in the gameplay , the game must also improve in the details so that everything seems more real, and they are things that already came in UFC Undisputed 3 of THQ that was for PlayStation 3 things like the injuries of the fighters in some fights and not being able to attend the decision of the fight due to the injury, seeing the mouthguard fly in some spectacular and accurate blow, or being able to create many more fighters since only 22 wrestlers can be created, in the Undisputed 3 there were 40 that could be created, although I hope that in UFC 4 there is a big important jump in this sense and we have 132 or more spaces to create my fighters, we also had the pride mode where we could enjoy a boxing ring, apart from all this I love I would like this next UFC 4 to have the possibility of using the rules of other types of wrestling such as boxing, the Muay Thai that I like so much and these rules can be used in tournament mode, in event mode and in the fight now , that the fight continues on foot, that the new feminine weights (featherweight and flyweight) are also present, that women have more models of hairstyles and with more types of bodies, than all these things and many more, make us Feel the need to buy the next EA Sport UFC 4
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