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An announcement about the UFC Mobile forums

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Hello all,

We wanted to reach out to you all regarding the future of the forums. After lengthy discussions and carefully analysing data, we’ve made the difficult decision to sunset the UFC Mobile ea.com forums.

This doesn't mean you will no longer have a forum, we are doing this as we want to unify both of our forums into one place to discuss the game, give feedback and get help. Going forward you can post over on Answers HQ.

So, what happens next?

As of June 14th 2019 we will be putting this board into read-only mode. This means you will not be able to add new posts or replies, but you will be able to browse previously posted comments.

This is never an easy decision to make and we thank you for your contribution to the community. Your feedback and comments are highly valued, and we hope to continue to read them on AHQ.
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