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In order to get a master CAF from this event you have to...

Craft the elite CAF in order to get the 5 master tokens for the master CAF, and craft the gold CAF in order to get the 4 style (boxing etc) badges required for the elite CAF.. Thus basically makes wild cards almost useless for this event unless you have at least 6 to go directly to the master CAF and makes grinding almost unrealistic for many. With this route being required unless you have 6+ wildcards, you have to get 108 of the exact stat badges needed (Each of your chosen type in equal amounts to craft the group of your choice) and only 40 will be received from solo challenges. Is this correct or will we be getting fighting style badges, master badges, etc in the next two solo challenges? It seems as if we’re essentially required to spend money if we want the master CAF from this event the way they designed it.


  • ajpenn1
    202 posts Member
    I think this is wrong. All you need is to do challenges and master challenges in following weeks
  • WaterIAm
    332 posts Member
    edited May 2019
    All i know is ive got 5 of every stat badge except power.
    Dang algorythyms!!
    This is a take your money event with no way to get all the badges needed unless you pay for bundles.
    I spent 20 bucks and 25k, completed 2 weeks of solo challenges and not one dang power stat card.
  • ajpenn1
    202 posts Member
    You'll need to get some packs I think. But not many. I used 50k to get 3 takedown badges made from grappling packs
  • ajpenn1
    202 posts Member
    Big thing is master tokens. I don't understand how to get rhese
  • What about style badges such as boxing and muay Thai? I know you can get them by crafting gold fighter but is there or do you think there will be another way? If not, that’s a lot of stat badges we have to grind for.
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