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Test ufc 4 ideas on ufc3

Ufc 3 was a complete mess at the start. if its even possible devs should test out things on ufc3 that way u can see what works and what completely ruins the game. i personally dont think people playing ufc 3 would be upset with a bunch of little patches especially if it helps create a better ufc 4.

Tweaking the damage and stamina seem like a obvious choice.

Please dont ruin ufc 4 let the people playing it tell u whats good and bad not a handful elite players ?
Or your most likely gonna have the same problems as ufc 3?


  • Leiqueros
    36 posts New member
    Please in tournament mode ask me for the second time if I'm sure I want to take the fight at random, that I accidentally give the button and the fight is executed without me wanting it to be so
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