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Greatest UFC 3 Ultimate Team Player Of All Time - ONLY FACTS, NO OPINIONS!

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Hello my fellow UT players!


Do I got a treat for you? The most IN-DEPTH, CRAZIEST summer reading for anyone who is even slightly interested in UFC 3 Ultimate Team! Satisfaction guaranteed. It is going to be MEGA TOPIC and have tons of information and entertainment provided yours truly, the MAN himself, Paltsari!

I have figured out that our hard times are taking their toll. And when times are hard people need heroes to follow. Heroes come forward by their actions, but even the best of em can't surface depending only on action.

You also need storytellers to tell their stories. For me, UFC 3 Ultimate Team has abundance of heroes and I'm willing to be the storyteller. To make us some new heroes that we can look up to and maybe take with us to next installment of this game - UFC 4!

So what this is all about? Let me tell you.

There has been a lot of talk about who is the greatest Ultimate Team player in this game. Lot of opinions and statements have been made, but lurking on those conversations I have not been satisfied. The talk has been dominated by powerful and singular voices. Voices that have not been grounded on facts. Only on subjective opinions.

So I have decided to come forward and launch massive, in-depth investigation on actual stats to really figure out who is the best UFC 3 Ultimate Team player of all time. Not just right now, but for all the 10 seasons completed (and 11th to follow).

Now, my method is based on the same method the game uses to make differences between players - ranking. The ranking page shows 10 best players for every season - I'm staying honest to that too and emphasize Top10 positions. My ranking system is as follows:

1 point for reaching 1700 (cut-off point that is still manageable for the player pool. You get rewards earlier, but reaching 1500 or 1600 makes the estimated player pool huge. 1700 keeps it nice and clean. 1800 would be ok too, but it would marginalize the pool too much.)

2 points for reaching 1800
3 points for reaching 1900
5 points for reaching the magical 2000 point line
+1 points per every 100 point from there on out

10 points for Season Winner (1.)
9 points for second seed
8 points for third seed
1 point for 10th seed

I understand to really find the absolutely best player, you would need to take in the winning percentages, make comparisons with records between all the players, look for how much games people have played and won etc... But in the end its about having fun and I feel my method keeps it fair and accurate and is based on actual facts. And it is something that can be executed with moderate amount of work.

This post will be edited for the Top List after every season. Right now I have it ready up to Season 10 and will edit Season 11 data in next. Before we get to that I'm going to make following posts:

Season-by-Season reviews 1 through 4 (4 Posts)
Overall Rankings After Season 4 (1 Post)
Season-by-Season reviews 5 through 7 (3 Posts)
Overall Rankings After Season 7 (1 Post)
Season-by-Season Reviews 8 through 10 (3 Posts)
Overall Rankings After Season 10 (1 Post)

And then as an extra... I will do Best Of The Best style Teams for Europe, North America, South America and Rest of the World. 4 members each with one supplementary member. These teams will emphasize the best players right now, but not only that. Earlier accolades will be taken in consideration too.

After the selection of teams I will draft every member with their UT Fighters to four different weight categories, thinking and going through every players strengths and weaknesses and how they compare to their opponents.

After that we will discuss how the matches will play out and what continent brings home the gold!


I will use the regions the game gives us, so even if someone plays in Russia, but is located in North America, he/she will be part of the selection pool for NA.

So... Look forward for these posts in the coming days and weeks. There will be many posts to follow. Sometimes I will post 1 per day, sometimes more. There might be some off days too, but hopefully not too many. Something for YOU to skim through during these lazy, hot summer days!


(First post about Season 1 coming sometime today)


  • Paltsari
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    SEASON 1

    First season gave us two guys going over 2000 ranking points, lx19900910 and Sevanity. Both of these guys have been long gone from the UT experience. I didn't find em from ranked either so it is a mystery to me where they work their magic now. Different accounts or maybe different game altogether?

    Third was Mihai-Cristian91 who has been seen afterwards, but not too much either. The fourth guy, NewYGamer, vanished from UT soon after too.

    Fifth this season was BrandNewMac who has been more or less a mainstay in UT, but has been playing a lot less the few last seasons. He is best known from his outstanding work doing Youtube videos about Ultimate Team.

    Next one, CrazySadDuck22, has also disappeared after his perky start. Seventh on the list, Swiss-Libax, does his work in competitive online leagues and ranked. He is one of the best there, but has only touched the surface in Ultimate Team.

    The last names on Top10, LExus228, Vertiozo and chainZRO, are also guys who haven't been seen after the early stages of this game. Lot of changes from the early going as would be expected I guess.

    1. lx19900910 10+5 = 15 points
    2. Sevanity 9+5=14
    3. Mihai-Cristian91 8+2=10
    4. NewYGamer 7+2=9
    5. BrandNewMac 6+2=8
    6. CrazySadDuck22 5+2=7
    7. Swiss-Libax 4+1=5
    8. Lexus228 3+1=4
    9. Vertiozo 2+1=3
    10. chainZRO 1+1=2

    1 Point Club (Over 1700 ranking points): Vinotaur, RebelSoldier282, s1avko79, intanik, yesgumi, STAY_SMOKIN116RP, Velrey, RTSImperator, xxGirlGoneMadx, Ambrosiuss, americanhotdog81, YeOleScrot, Volkaa77, Chechen_Stechkin

    The rest of the best features a lot of future tough names. Vinotaur and RTSImperator will be featured on the lists virtually every season and you can also play against s1avko79 and Ambrosiuss a lot even now after 10 seasons. For s1avko featuring on this list will not be something he will do a lot until the later seasons though. It tells us that the learning curve in this game can be quite a hard to grasp.

    americanhotdog81 was very good UFC2 player, but he got enough of the UFC3 after first season. Maybe he went back to UFC2 and his winning ways there?

    Do you have any memories on the first season of this game?

    I can proudly say I played a lot and lost a lot. It didn't come easy. I do remember going to war with Tim Boetsch and it didn't go well at all.

  • Paltsari
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    SEASON 2:

    First season featured remarkably high playing counts. In Top10 there was three players who surpassed 1000 wins for the season with Mihai-Cristian91 topping out with 1226 wins. NewYGamer did his damage with the least amount of energy spilled and went "scxpeishly" 108-18. It was also the best winning percentage on Top10 level. Too bad the guy vanished from competition after that.

    Second season wasn't an extravaganza like first one, but still packed a mean punch to it. This time around there was only one player who went over 2000 points, cementing his legacy as the early stages G.O.A.T.

    lx19900910 enjoyed crazy good 328W-15L season, being absolutely dominant with his .950 winning percentage.

    Nobody on the Top10 reached 1000 wins this season, but a new-comer in the ranks (rookies branded with cursives from now on) came close with 965 wins. This name will be featured very frequently from now on, so keep him in mind - zII-PunisheR-IIz.

    He finished tied sixth with STAY-SMOKIN116RP leaving behind Ambrosiuss. Fellow rookies RodeRunner405 and C-Unit3234 manned the last places on this list.

    lx took the first place with over 100 point differential to yesgumi who had decent enough season him self. He, Chechen_Stechkin and Vinotaur all beat the 1900 mark. BrandNewMac only played 151 games this season finishing fifth and continuing his hooray in the Top5.

    1. lx19900910 10+5=15 (30)
    2. yesgumi 9+3=12 (13)
    3. Chechen_Stechkin 8+3=11 (12)
    4. Vinotaur 7+3=10 (11)
    5. BrandNewMac 6+2=8 (16)
    6. zII-Punisher-IIz 5+2=7
    6. STAY_SMOKIN116RP 5+2=7 (8)
    8. Ambrosiuss 3+2=5 (6)
    9. RodeRunner405 2+2=4
    9. C-Unit3234 2+2=4

    2 Points Club (1800): Sevanity (16)

    1 Point Club (1700): Swiss_Libax (6), flexy-ox4. Gigi_Montana47, PiiggiidyPanda, tekara83, Davidsonn-, II-xPh3NoMx-II

    Loads of new names on the 1Point Club list with Swiss being only one to feature before. Gigi had his first and last hooray, but the guy still plays. He is truly the testament to the fact that even 1700 points can be a tall task for anyone. flexy-ox4 is an interesting name as he will be on this list quite a bit, but never did he rise higher. Also proof about the fact that being 1700 point player is good achievement and you need something quite special to even reach 1800 ranking points. And furthermore being a 1900 or 2000 point player in this game mode with more scarce playing field... It is truly a rarity one can appreciate.

    PiiggiidyPanda played season 1, but comes alive here in the second season. His and Punishers paths have so much similarities together that one have to wonder about the link between these two guys... Although one of them plays from the US region and other from Europe... Go figure. We will pay attention to this link more later on.

    Davidsonn- hails from South America, being one of the very few there to crack these lists. He is arguably their leading man heading in to the "Best of the Best"-Tournament...

    Maybe it was shorter season as number of games played dropped across the board. Basically Punisher was the only one who had more than 1000 games. He probably spend his days mastering the game here. Good times I bet.

    Until the next one. This weekend (Friday-Monday) will feature seasons 3,4 and the ranking list through seasons 1-4.

    Have a good one!
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  • Paltsari
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    We have time for second go around today. Hopefully I can get to it tomorrow too, but not sure right now.

    SEASON 3

    We have a new king and a rookie at the same time taking the top spot. KainozZ was the top man this season, besting 1900 ranking points together with already familiar name Vinotaur. The winning percentage ruler was yet again lx19900910 (also over 1900) and it wasn't even close. Other players weren't even close to .900 mark. Low number of games prevented him from getting top spot and it might have been an indication of his lack of interest to the game alltogether as this was the last time we saw him feature on the lists at all.

    No much suprises with rest of the list, but another notable rookie made his first appearance in the game. VitaliyNechi came seventh this season and this was to be a start to a very dominant strech for him.

    RodeRunner405 peaked here with another Top10 appearance, but he wouldn't pick up a lot of points after this season. His name still shows up here and there on Top100 lists, but not too many 1700+ finishes for him after this.

    1. KainozZ 10+3=13
    2. Vinotaur 9+3=12 (23)
    3. lx19900910 8+3=11 (41)
    4. yesgumi 7+2=9 (22)
    5. STAY_SMOKIN116RPG 6+2=8 (16)
    6. Chechen_Stechkin 5+2=7 (19)
    7. VitaliyNechi 4+2=6
    8. RodeRunner405 3+2=5 (9)
    9. Ambrosiuss 3+2=5 (11)
    10. BrandNewMac 1+2=3 (19)

    BrandNewMac keeping up with lx as only players to have place in every Top10 list thus far.

    2 Points Club: C-Unit3234 (6)

    1 Point Club: MichaelAtkin316, flexy-ox4 (2), Davidsonn- (2), Scxpe_OG, Ink_gaming2, iPandaChef, GORISAN, karan232323, RTSImperator (2), Gorillagangpee

    Some very notable names on the 1 Point Club here. MichaelAtkin316 aka Epic Trollz gets his first attachement to points as does one of the greatest North American players Scxpe_OG. RTSImperator still trying to find his footing, missing out on the Season 2 list, but he will start steady rising as the seasons pour in.

    I'm also making a notice that Punisher nor PiiggiidyPanda are to be seen on the whole Top100 list. What a coincidence that both guys are out of it at the same Season... Hmm. And come back next season strong as ever. Weird...

    Have a nice weekend all!
  • Paltsari
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    SEASON 4

    We are now heading towards Season 4 of UFC Ultimate Team and its starting to really pick up. Guys are coming in, getting their feet wet and coming on each others faces strong. It might have been one of the longest seasons played as we are having 5 guys reach over 1000 wins with new comer named mesrine1180 topping the Top10 list with crazy 1604 wins! Mes only reached 8th seed with this, but this was to be a start to a remarkable Ultimate Team career of a absolute legend.

    There were fierce competition for Top10 places as 12 guys made it over 1900!!! tycannon283, another rookie on the list, topped everyone else out with only one to reach 2000 points. zII-Punisher-IIz made a comeback and got his best mark coming in second this time around. Vitaliynechi and mainstay yesgumi came next and ANOTHER rookie, CALVOtheBOSS, rounded up the Top5 with impressive 1916 points.

    Ambrosiuss followed him before yet another rookie Naija-Flex with BrandNewMac and Vinotaur closing the list with 9th and 10th seeds. Mac made it 4/4 for Top10 finishes and the only player to do it to boot.

    1. tycannon 283 10+5
    2. zII-PunisheR-IIz 9+3=12 (19)
    3. VitaliyNechi 8+3=11 (17)
    4. yesgumi 7+3=10 (32)
    5. CALVOtheBOSS 6+3=9
    6. Ambrosiuss 5+3=8 (19)
    7. Naija-Flex 4+3=7
    8. mesrine1180 3+3=6

    9. BrandNewMac 2+3=5 (24)
    10. Vinotaur 1+3=4 (27)

    3 Points Club (1900): RTSImperator (5), STAY_SMOKIN116RPG (19)

    2 Points Club (1800): MichaelAtkin316 (3), flexy-ox4 (4), KainozZ (15), Scxpe_OG (3), Chechen_Stechkin (21)

    Very familiar names here dominating the 1800-1900 clubs. Getting that Top10 finish was really tough this season. Last season KainozZ couldn't even get in there!

    1 Point Club (1700): Swiss_Libax (7), ExoTiC-zShocKzZ, PiiggiidyPanda (2), Gorillagangpee (2), GORISAN (2), Davidsonn- (3), tonyStaRR, seyph83, karan232323 (2), weareyouthof, JimLahey246, Ozmosis, VANragnarokRA, Volkaa77 (2), InkStellar, Ivan__Cro, feydek06, lolodelduo59, Dominator956Z, IsaBero95reg, MatzeM10

    Interesting names here on the 1700 list. Huge names one could say. Swiss not being able to crack 1800 and Dominator956Z too. Dominator easily could have dominated this game mode as he later shows. Some recognizable names from later seasons do appear too with Ozmosis, weareyouthof and seyph83 being few of them.

    Thats it for now. Next we go and make a overall list for Seasons 1 through 4!



    1. lx19900910 41 points
    2. yesgumi 32 points
    3. Vinotaur 27 points
    4. BrandNewMac 24 points
    5. Chechen_Stechkin 21 pts
    6. STAY_SMOKIN116RPG, zII-PunisheR-IIz, Ambrosiuss 19 pts
    9. VitaliyNechi 17 pts
    10. Sevanity 16 pts

    3 seasons of domination was enough for lx who assembled impressive amount of points during that time. Distant second is yesgumi who didn't gather single pole position, but was amongst top players from Season 2 to Season 4.

    Vinotaur and BrandNewMac are the most recognizable names on the Top5, still playing some games to this day. Below then Punisher and Ambrosiuss are mainstays in the UT scene as is VitaliyNechi although "The Big Pun" is only to play large amount of games still to this day.

    Sevanity is holding the last spot on Top10 with his early surge, but has not been seen since that.

    11. KainozZ, tycannon283 15 pts
    13. Mihai_Cristian91 10 pts
    14. CALVOtheBOSS, NewYGamer, Rode_Runner405 9 pts
    17. Naija_Flex, Swiss_Libax, CrazyDuck22 7 pts
    20. C-Unit3234, mesrine1180 6 pts

    The Top20 basically has one active player, mesrine1180 who came on strong starting Season 4. Other are playing very little if at all. Even KainozZ has fiddled out after strong showing in the "mid seasons".

    22. RTSImperator 5 pts
    23. Lexus228, flexy-ox4 4 pts
    25. Michael_Atkin316, Sxcpe_OG, Davidsonn-, Vertiozo
    29. PiiggiidyPanda, Gorillagangpee, GORISAN, karan232323, Volkaa77

    Top30 has few active members in it. RTSImperator has not shown his best yet, but his very resiliant work will be rewarded later. Michael_Atkin316 and PiiggiidyPanda are very accolated players in their own right, but have not broken in the absolute top before few last months. Always dangerous and always playing well, never going for those peek positions. Interesting case study would be to figure out why they haven't had IT in them. But there is still time!

    34. MatzeM10, Isabero95reg, Dominator956Z, lolodelduo59, feydek06, Ivan__Cro, InkStellar, VANragnarokRA, Ozmosis, JimLahey246, weareyouthof, seyph83, tonyStaRR, ExoTiC_zShOcKzZ, iPandaChef, Ink_gaming2, Gigi_Montana47, tekara83, II-xPh3Nomx-II, YeOleScrot, americanhotdog, xxGirlGoneMadx, VelRey, intanik, s1avko79, RebelSoldier282

    Big names on this list too. I see around 5 very active guys and more guys who are still playing. Still these list have a lot of "dead" players too.

    59 names if I'm correct that have conquered the 1700 point line.

    We will continue our objective "G.O.A.T." with Seasons 5-7 next. We shall see who takes the mantle of Best UT players around those seasons as we already know most players on the Top10 list will get inactive soon.

    See you around, prolly next Tuesday!
  • Paltsari
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    SEASON 5

    Its VitaliyNechi time. After a few seasons of practice Vitaliy hits the big time with really decent 1991 ranking points. He is followed by a casst of really tough competitors as Ultimate Team really is hitting its peak form. Lots and lots of familiar names flood the boards.

    "The Biggest Try-Hard" Award is also handed out to zII-PunisheR-IIz. You can say what you want about IgorUSSR and other guys playing a lot, but there is nobody on the leaderboards who plays more than Pun. His persistence is awarded with career-high second seed and 1981 ranking points. Well done. Too bad he and his lost twin brother from another mother, PiiggiidyPanda went AWOL last season. Punisher particularly would do well in the All Time Leaderboards with extra 10 points...

    Other people are making leaps too. MichaelAtkin316 tops himself at 4th, old school player Mihai-Cristian91 makes and strong comeback with 5th place and PiiggiidyPanda has wonderful season with 6th seed. Mainstay STAY_SMOKIN116RP is still going strong with 7th spot.

    Also notable is Scxpe_OG finally hitting that Top10 grind, going HUGE 176-13. The question begs what could he do with top level volume? Would his winning percentage plummet or would he be able to keep up that sick .900+ winning rate? We will never know it seems...

    No rookies on the list also, which tells me that UT is running high with top quality competition.

    1. VitaliyNechi 10+3=13 (30)
    2. zII-PunisheR-IIz 9+3=12 (31)
    3. KainozZ 8+3=11 (26)
    4. MichaelAtkin316 7+3=10 (13)
    5. Mihai_Cristian91 6+3=9 (19)
    6. PiiggiidyPanda 5+3=8 (10)
    7. STAY_SMOKIN116RP 4+3=7 (26)
    8. mesrine1180 3+3=6 (12)
    9. Scxpe_OG 2+2=4 (7)
    10. tycannon283 1+2=3 (18)

    2 Points Club: yesgumi (34), CALVOtheBOSS (11), Ambrosiuss (21)

    1 Point Club: Vinotaur (28), lolodelduo59 (2), SchatzAlexander, feydek06 (2), tekara83 (2), RTSImperator (6), CHAPMEN906, Volkaa77 (3), carloangelo_io, raabi_nka, fiesta_2006, GenkiDama666357, Flexy-ox4 (5), weareyouthof (2), hamich78, Chechen_Stechkin (22), karan232323 (3), VANragnarokVA (2)

    Vinotaur here having uncharacteristically high number of games and not reaching 1800. Seems he has found his roof in this game mode. RTSImperator still grinding in the lower level, but should soon see himself vault the list. Few notable rookies here as CHAPMEN906 and carloangelo_io enter the list, not to mention one of the better players right now fiesta_2006. hamich78 is familiar name too, but he has made his fortune mostly capping out daily coin quotas in single player. Chechen_Stechkin still going strong after five seasons, but barely makes the list this time around. New breed is coming on hard it seems!

  • SxxthPxw
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    Let's hope you decide to disqualify mesrine as not only has he exploited bugs and op moves since release, he also admitting to using trafalgors account to boost his main with 2 ps4s
  • SxxthPxw
    8 posts New member
    Trafalgor named changed to hit_mma so he should also be removed from the discussion
  • mesrine1180
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    Go sleep sxxthpxw I’m the best ut gamer for now
  • Paltsari
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    Let us see how it goes. The info on HIT_MMA is significant and can be taken in consideration. But mesrine has very convincing body of work. Need more proof on his shenanigans to DQ him off the lists.
  • SxxthPxw
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    [quote="Paltsari;c-2078410"]Let us see how it goes. The info on HIT_MMA is significant and can be taken in consideration. But mesrine has very convincing body of work. Need more proof on his shenanigans to DQ him off the lists.[/quote]

    I'll get you proof, contact me on discord, ps4, or even a DM on here if im able to send pics
  • Paltsari
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    Send pictures here if you have it.

    Ok, lets pick up the pace here.

    SEASON 6

    VitaliyNechi keeps up his absolute dominance and is the only one to hit that 2000 point mark. zII-Punisher-IIz finishes second yet again which seems to be his theme here a lot. We have and absolute arrival as mesrine1180 has caught up the veterans and rams himself to the 1900 club and third place finish. Surprise entry by carloangelo_io has him fourth. I'm not sure if I'm buying his emergence as its seems to be something that came out of blue, but no evidence to suggest foul play either. Tycannon283 has decent season here with CALVOtheBOSS and the old champ KainozZ has respectable finish in seventh position.

    II-Ph3NoMx-II who has hung around in the lower 1700 to 1600 points peaks here with +1800. Familiar name Mihai_Cristian91 still has juice left and we have fiesta_2006, the russian grappler, close out the list. No rookies here anymore as would be expected.

    1. VitaliyNechi 10+5=15 (45)
    2. zII-Punisher-IIz 9+3=12 (43)
    3. mesrine1180 8+3=11 (23)
    4. carloangelo_io 7+3=10 (11)
    5. tycannon283 6+2=8 (26)
    6. CALVOtheBOSS 5+2=7 (18)
    7. KainozZ 4+2=6 (32)
    8. II-Ph3NoMx-II 3+2=5 (6)
    9. Mihai_Cristian91 2+2=4 (23)
    10. fiesta_2006 1+2=3 (4)

    2 Points Club: Scxpe_OG (9), yoyobaby148 (2)

    1 Point club: gnarfed (1), weareyouthof (3), DEVIN_THE_DUDE (1), Ambrosiuss (22), Davidsonn- (4), Schatz Alexander (2), PiiggiidyPanda (11), raabi_nka (2), skaroots (1), Croupier1977 (1), WILL88- (1), MaiksMo (1), GenkiDama666357 (2), Bassim_mit_B (1), hamich78 (2), SeanCorkery98 (1), seyph83 (2), VANRagnarokVA (3), DanaWhiteHasAIDS (1), pepepapo1 (1), SerAlexis (1), RTSImperator (7), SnipeZZxKillRz (1), ChiefyGaming (1), SnDizzzy (1), Vinotaur (29), CCCejudo (1), Ozena-MD (1)

    Very intriguing bottom half here as Scxpe fails again to break in the Top10. Another 1800+ guy is yoyobaby who makes his first appearance here. He is notorius for his very peculiar game style which has its lovers and haters.

    One Point Club features some new, but soon to be familiar names. Most notably it has SnDizzzy in it as he picks up on the guidance of Scxpe and starts his dominant run into later seasons.

    Suprised that RTSImperator is still here gathering only 1 point hauls. His coming out party has been late for six seasons now. Will it ever start?

    SEASON 7

    The King has arrived. Mesrine1180 absolutely crushes the competition here and takes home his first top seed. VitaliyNechi can't help but watch as his first place position gets taken from him for good. KainozZ sparks up inspired run to finish third and finally we see Scxpe_OG back up the talk with decent fourth place finish. Ambrosiuss makes it too and can call this a comeback season for sure.

    Surprise entry at 6th as Deja_Vu_555 takes some time out of his Ranked endeavours and makes HUGE run with crappy fighters to sixth place. Crazy stuff right there. yoyobaby148 cashes in also and FINALLY we have RTSImperator inside the Top10! weareyouthof and comeback making yesgumi finish of the "New Breed Season". Not so much in ranking points, but very much in the way of familiar names right now coming on their own.

    1. mesrine1180 10+5=15 (38)
    2. VitaliyNechi 9+3=12 (57)
    3. KainozZ 8+3=12 (44)
    4. Scxpe_OG 7+3=10 (19)
    5. Ambrosiuss 6+2=8 (30)
    6. Deja_Vu_555 5+2=7
    7. yoyobaby148 4+2=6 (8)
    8. RTSImperator 3+2=5 (12)
    9. weareyouthof 2+1=3 (6)
    10. yesgumi 1+1=2 (36)

    1 Point Club: carloangeolo_io (12), II-xPh3NoMx-II (7), fiesta_2006 (5), zII-Punisher-IIz (44), edmarmaia94 (1), SchatzAlexander (3), VANRagnarokVA (4), s1avko79 (2), CHAPMEN906 (2), VladUTD (1), MaiksMo (2), stevenjb95 (1), hamich78 (3), lessoped (1), Davidonn- (5), seyph83 (3), salihabid (1), Bassim_mit_B (2), tekara83 (3), PiiggiidyPanda (12), Lewandowski_9 (1), Ozmosis (2), JokerGrR (1), SeanCorkery98 (2), bils_LV (1), artem198732 (1), LYohan974 (1), Vinotaur (30), flexy_0x4 (6), raabi_nka (3), SnDizzzy (2)

    Few notable new entries here too, but really nobody dominant. Few funny notions to you:

    * Punisher and Piiggiidy, the best buddies, only play 100 games this season. What a coincidence! That makes this a disaster season for "Pun" as he drops back on the contention to "G.O.A.T." status.

    * VladUTD is now know as Russian_UFC or something like that. We keep him as it was when the list was made.

    Thats it for Seasons 6 and 7. Next we make the Overall List for Seasons 1-7. After that seasons 8,9 and 10 followed up by Overall list. We finish this thing off with Season 11 and Current Standings on the G.O.A.T. calculations + go for the Tournament of Continents to figure out the best continent in UT.

    See you around!

  • Paltsari
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    1. VitaliyNechi 57
    2. KainozZ 44
    2. ZII-Punisher-IIz 44
    4. lx19900910 41
    5. mesrine1180 38
    6. yesgumi 36
    7. Vinotaur 30
    7. Ambrosiuss 30
    9. STAY_SMOKIN116RP 26
    9. tycannon283 26

    Vitaliy has taken over the Ultimate Team during last few seasons, belting out Top finishes one after another. More of a striker, but with great grapple defense he has been unmatched by all players.

    KainozZ and Punisher are shearing the second spot. KainozZ more of a blink in the radar with strong showings and Punisher going more of a durability route. He would be closer to Vitaliy, but went and slipped up just before these standings.

    Old guard is represented by lx and yesgumi. lx is not to be seen anymore, but yesgumi mustered up decent showing just before this list. mesrine is the up and coming star with killer standup game plan and lethal ground game.

    Vinotaur is grinding out points and Ambrosiuss has few great seasons and few basic ones under his belt. STAY_SMOKIN not playing anymore it seems and tycannon had few strong seasons to keep him in the Top10. Mostly M.I.A. though.

    11. BrandNewMac 24
    12. 12. Mihai_Cristian91 23
    13. Chechen_Stechkin 22
    14. Scxpe_OG 19
    15. CALVOtheBOSS 18
    16. Sevanity 16
    17. MichaelAtkin316 13
    18. carloangelo_io 12
    18. RTSImperator 12
    18. PiiggiidyPanda 12

    BrandNewMac as measuring stick for anyone wanting to break in the Top10. Mihai and Chechen some old timers still hanging tough. Scxpe_OG for all his G.O.A.T. talk hasn't backed it up first seven seasons and clocks in at fourteen. CALVO had few good ones, but hasn't been able to be consistent with his effort. Sevanity already out of it and MichaelAtkin316 fluctuates quite a bit with his consistency too. Carloangelo had one good season to climb to Top20 with some more familiar names in RTS and Piiggiidy who have not yet peaked, but should soon.

    21. NewYGamer, Rode_Runner 9 pts
    23. yoyobaby148 8 pts
    24. II-xPh3NoMx-II, Naija_Flex, Swiss_Libax, CrazyDuck22, Deja_Vu_555 7 pts
    29. weareyouthof, C-Unit3234, flexy-ox4 6 pts
    32. fiesta_2006, Davidsonn- 5 pts
    34. VANRagnarokCA, Lexux228 4 pts
    36. Vertiozo, SchatzAlexander, hamich78, seyph83, tekara83, raabi_nka, Volkaa77, karan232323 3 pts
    44. Gorillagangpee, GORISAN, SnDizzzy, SeanCorkery98, Bassim_mit_B, MaiksMo, CHAPMEN906, s1avko79, GEngkiDama666357, feydek06, lolodelduo59, Ozmosis 2 pts

    56. MatzeM10, IsaBero95reg, Dominator956Z, Ivan__Cro, Ink_Stellar, JimLahey246, tonyStaRR, exotic_zShockzz, iPandaChef, Ink_gaming2, Gigi_Montana47, YeOleScrot, americanhotdog81, xxGirlGoneMadx, velrey, intanki, RebelSoldier282, edmarmaia94, VladUTD, stevenjb95, lessoped, salihabid, Lewandowski_9, JokerGnR, bils_LV, artem198732, Lyohan974, DEVIN_THE_DUDE, skaroots, Croupier1977, WILL88-, DanaWhiteHasAIDS, pepepapo1, SerAlexis, SniperzzxKillRz, ChiefyGaming, CCCejudo, OZENA_MD 1 pts

    So there you have it. A lot of names already and more to come. Some "dead" names at the top and some strong up and comers outside the Top20. Most notably yoyobaby, weareyouthof and SnDizzzy to shake up the rankings later on.

    Have a good one and until the next one!
  • SEASON 8

    Now we are entering the "NOW" part of the Ultimate Team timeline with all the todays big hitters in the mix. Season 8 was unbelievable as far as people hitting big ranking points.

    Mesrine1180 and VitaliyNechi had major battle for the top seed and it was the Frenchman who came on top with SICK 2100+ effort which marks the World Record as far ranking points go. That was also second top place for him and makes it back-to-back #1 seeds.

    RTSImperator finally broke through and hit that 2000 point mark with dominant effort. Right behind him its grappling genius weareyouthof who also made his breakthrough this season.

    We have few newcomers on the list too as DarkExileLD cheesed his way to Top5 seed and HIT_MMA (aka Trafalgar something) placed sixth. We've had information about him that throws shade on the effort as it seems he let mesrine play with his account to boost its ranking. We will be eliminating HIT_MMAs Season 8 points from the overall standings.

    Yet another new guy on the Top10 list is SnDizzzy who grappled his way to seventh place and would become on of the powerhouses in MW from now on out. Ambrosiuss musters up nice Top10 run as does now veterans Scxpe_OG and KainozZ.

    1. mesrine1180 10+6=16 (54)
    2. VitaliyNechi 9+5=14 (71)
    3. RTSImperator 8+5=13 (25)
    4. weareyouthof 7+3=10 (16)
    5. DarkExileLD 6+3= 9
    6. [HIT_MMA 5+3=8]
    7. SnDizzzy 4+3=7 (9)
    8. Ambrosiuss 3+3+=6 (36)
    9. Scxpe_OG 2+3=5 (24)
    10. KainozZ 1+2=3 (47)

    2 Points Club: zII-Punisher-IIz 46, Swiss_Libax 9, yoyobaby148 10, fiesta_2006 7

    Some rock solid names on the 2 Points Club list. Crazy high level of competition when Punisher can't break Top10 even if he really tries.

    1 Point Club: Volkaa77 4, MichaelAtkin316 14, carloangelo_io 13, BrandNewMac 25, Flexy_ox4 7, PiiggiidyPanda 13, Naija_Flex 8, tycannon283 27, CHAPMEN906 3, jjtto89 1, salihabid 2, tekara83 4, LewisFitzaay97 §, Vinotaur 31, Davidsonn- 6, VladUTD 2, raabi_nka 4, II-xPh3NoMx-II 8, Bassim_mit_B 3, Snipezk1llerZ 2, Boyz_Boo_ 1, bils_LV 2, lessoped 2, seyph83 4, Andreosharipovo 1, ToMuchMoney27 1, Lewandowski_9 2, karan232323 4, MaiksMo 3, bruman1986 1, RodeRunner405 10, hamich78 4, dmitriy185 1, Dimon0343 1, s1avko79 3, skaroots 2, ImGoingToOwnYou- 1, MATTY_LFC 1, SerAlexis 2, Lyohan974 2

    This list almost looks like the "Who Is Who in UFC" as it has very familiar names all around it. We have returning BrandNewMac with the veterans like tycannon, Panda, Vinotaur, MichaelAtkin and Rode_Runner in the mix too.

    We have guys who have worked for their ranking points for many seasons now being very much durable players to do so in Volkaa77, flexy_ox, Naija_Flex, Davidsonn, raabi, tekara, karan, seyph and hamich.

    We have up and coming players like ToMuchMoney and ImGoingToOwn you making their first appearance along "Grappling Russian Degenerate Twins" Dimon and Dmitriy.

    Just a very powerful list all together, maybe the best 1 Point Club thus far.

    Next up is Season 9 and we have a new king coming up...
  • Paltsari
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    SEASON 9

    SnDizzzy takes over for the moment, amassing over 2000 ranking points and being only one to do so. zII-PunisheR-IIz makes his comeback to top flight with second place finish. RTSImperator continues his march with second third place finish in a row and weareyouthof also copies his last season placement.

    VitaliyNechi finally starts to slide which is only natural as the continuously keeps evolving and taking over from the old guard. Maybe he and mesrine1180, who finishes measly 6th are tired from battling each other so hard for many seasons?

    We have mystery entry at seven where SaintClara_Chapa comes in as a rookie. He is followed by the veterans PiiggiidyPanda, MichaelAtkin316 and Ambrosiuss. Piiggiidy, who has played from the start, finally makes his way to the Top10.

    1. SnDizzzy 10+5=15 (24)
    2. ZII-PunisheR-IIz 9+3=12 (58)
    3. RTSImperator 8+3=11 (36)
    4. weareyouthof 7+3=10 (26)
    5. VitaliyNechi 6+3=9 (80)
    6. mesrine1180 5+3=8 (62)
    7. SaintClara_Chapa 4+3=7
    8. PiiggiidyPanda 3+3=6 (19)
    9. MichaelAtkin316 2+2=4 (18)
    10. Ambrosiuss 1+2=3 (39)

    2 Points Club: KainozZ (49)

    Only KainozZ here as we have one of the thinnest seasons over +1800 we've had in ages. Funny though as the Season 8 was really juiced up. Maybe it was the long season that never ended which resulted on higher rankings?

    1 Point Club: seyph83 5, Scxpe_OG 25, IsaBeno95reg 2, Ozmosis 3, salihabid 3, Davidsonn- 7, slatymax 1, ImGoingToOwnYou- 2, Bassim_mit_B 4, fiesta_2006 8, standro 1, lessoped 3, MichaelSully95 1, Andreosharipovo 2, Takealookaround_ 1, Sashulkin8 1, hamich78 5, Dominator956Z 2, CHAPMEN906 4, ToMuchMoney 2, Dimon0343 2, Volkaa77 5, Flexy_ox4 8, Vinotaur 32, skaroots 3, pepepapo1 2

    We have few very, very interesting names pop up here for the first time. MichaelSully95, slatymax, Takealookaround_ and standro are very familiar for anyone playing UT nowadays, but its only Season 9 they make their first appearance on the list. All of them will be making a lot of noise seasons 10 and 11.

    On the other side of the coin we have Scxpe slipping up and scrape together only 1 point after a small run in the Top10. Vinotaur brings his total to 32 as he keeps on grinding out one point outings. Flexy_ox has gathered 8 points on Club appearances only which is persistent and impressive at the same time. Davidsonn- gets his total up to 7 and is holding down the castle for South Americans.

    Next Season 10 with overall standings updated at the same. After that its Season 11 fresh off the oven and then... Best of the Best tournament between the continents!
  • SEASON 10

    We have Season 10 in our hands. It is a bit of a down season as far ranking points go continuing the trend from season 9.

    SnDizzy peaks at +2000 ranking points and brings home back-to-back #1. mesrine1180 follows his "down" season with better one and places second this time around.

    Things get interesting as far the "Best of the Best Tournament" as Dominator956Z, more known for his work on the ranked side, plays sparingly but effectively and takes home Top3 position. We have another surprise entry at four where Ozmosis comes out of the blue with +1900 effort. Didn't see that coming knowing his style and level before this season. Scxpe_OG has made a comeback and rounds up the Top5 with +1900 to boot.

    PiiggiidyPanda has his best ever position at sixth beating RTSImperator, MichaelAtkin316 and zII-PunisheR-IIz to a punch. ANOTHER surprise entry at 10 has s1avko79 sneaking in. He has not been on this level before and the feeling is that we have quite a few players toning down on their activity which has led to guys still persistent on playing a lot of games fill up some of these positions. s1avko definitely has not shown such a progress that would warrant this kind of placement on the boards. Let us see how he fares next season.

    1. SnDizzzy 10+5=15 (39)
    2. mesrine1180 9+3=12 (74)
    3. Dominator956> 8+3=11 (13)
    4. Ozmosis 7+3=10 (13)
    5. Scxpe_OG 6+3=9 (34)
    6. PiiggiidyPanda 5+2=7 (26)
    7. RTSImperator 4+2=6 (42)
    8. MichaelAtkin316 3+2=5 (23)
    9. zII-PunisheR-IIz 2+2=4 (62)
    10. s1vko79 1+2=3 (6)

    2 Points Club: iSpirit94 2

    1 Point Club: fiesta_2006 9, VitaliyNechi 81, Ambrosiuss 40, Malice215C 1, yoyobaby148 11, Saint_Clara_Chapa 8, DarkExileLD 10, ImGoingToOwnYou- 3, standro 2, Davidsonn- 8, MichaelSully95 2, Winds_of_Plaguee 1, skanydee 1, TakeaLookaround- 2, weareyouthof 27, King94Rico 1, Anderosharipovo 3, seyph83 6, CHAPMEN906 5, Dimon0343 3, Luka_Starzz 1, Vinotaur 33, hamich78 6, JormaJormala 1, Polandkuk 1

    iSpirit94 hits the 1800 as a rookie, always a notable deed. We have not too many guys over 1700 this season, but some new names to give recognition for sure inside the group. Winds_of_Plaguee surprisingly gets here only for first time ever. Very fearsome striker who should have been able to get here sooner. skanydee is good clincher/grappler as is Luka_Starzz who also has honed his striking in the ranked a bit. If I remember right he was way up there early on the season, but crashed and burned before barely making it inside the 1700 club. Also in is polandkuk who is grappler by nature too. So a lot of grapplers here and one could ask if there is a grappling renaissance coming as Dizzzy leads the pack and we have a lot of known grapplers in the 1700+ club. Takealookaround, yoyobaby and weareyouthof to name few beasts.

    Overall Standings SEASONS 1-10:

    1. VitaliyNechi 81 pts
    2. mesrine1180 74 pts
    3. zII-PunisheR-IIz 62 pts
    4. KainozZ 49 pts
    5. RTSImperator 42 pts
    6. ix19900910 41 pts
    7. Ambrosiuss 40 pts
    8. SnDizzzy 39 pts
    9. yesgumi 36 pts
    10. Scxpe_OG 34 pts

    Vitaliy and mesrine are top of the leaderboard and one could say they deserve it. Both have been around for some time and being very consistent placing themselves top of the board. Even down seasons have been good (taking away Vitaliys season 10). They are so much ahead anyone else with their success and overall contribution that its not even close.

    Punisher is as clear third on this list. He would be up there with Big Boys, but has lapsed couple of times. Also not being able to notch that #1 even once hurts his case too. At this moment even with +10 points he would be pretty clearly the third man on this group.

    KainozZ had few dominant seasons and now he is basically gone. He, lx and yesgumi are the dead names right now on this list.

    RTSImperator made his breakthrough very late, but playing from the get go and grinding points has put him on fifth spot. There are few more decorated fighters beneath him, but I'd say he still most definitely belongs on this list.

    Ambrosiuss is on his way down after glory seasons, but still plays and grinds some points. Will we ever see him being the dominant fighter he once was? Highly doubt it, but at this moment he is still somewhat active and deserves his placing.

    Dizzzy is the name coming up, but it took him long enough to get himself going so claiming to be G.O.A.T. just doesn't cut it. Best fighter at the moment? Maybe. Best of all time? Never.

    Scxpe_OG has been making a lot of noise about being best in UT and he certainly has been around for awhile. Placing tenth on the list doesn't bode well with G.O.A.T. argument although he has been playing sparingly compared to many others. His winning percentage is right up there with anybody, but in the end of the day you also need to put in the work to be the best. If Dominator can come in and swing his way to top3, shouldn't guy who claims to be "The G.O.A.T." be able to do the same? I think Season11 and the on-going Season12 need to be huge for Scxpe for the claims he has been making. Top10 player? Most definitely. GOAT?


    11. Vinotaur 33 pts
    12. weareyouthof, tycannon283 27 pts
    14. STAY_SMOKIN116GRP, PiiggiidyPanda 26 pts
    16. BrandNewMac 25 pts
    17. MichaelAtkin316, Mihai_Christian91 23 pts
    19. Chechen_Stechkin 22 pts
    20. CALVOtheBOSS 18 pts

    Interesting list of names here. Few guys are up and coming like Piiggiidy, weareyouthof and maybe MichaelAtkin, but rest of the names either have stopped completely or are grinding out 1700 for rewards and nothing more.

    21. Sevanity 16 pts
    22. carloangelo_io, Dominator956Z, Ozmosis 13 pts
    25. yoyobaby148 11 pts
    26. DarkExileLD, Rode_Runner 10 pts
    28. NewYGamer, fiesta_2006, Swiss_Libax 9 pts

    Top30 has only two names that feel like they could make it higher. yoyobaby and Ozmosis are fresh out with some decent results. DarkExileLD has shown glimpses too, but has been too inconsistent other places than running his mouth. Certainly players like Dominator and Swiss could make an impact, but they have invested too heavily to ranked to be considered as up and coming names. fiesta_2006 is also one with potential to go very high, even Top5 in any given season.

    31. Davidsonn-, SainClara_Chapa, flexy_ox4, Naija-Flex, II-x-Ph3noMx-II, (HIT_MMA*) 8 pts

    (* DQed for cheating)
    37. CrazyDuck22, Deja_Vu_555 7 pts
    39. hamich78, seyph83, C-Unit3234, s1avko79 6 pts

    Some very legit names here alongside few dead names. Is there anyone who could make a deep run in the Top10 on consecutive seasons? Davidsonn- maybe? I don't know.

    43. CHAPMEN906, Volkaa77 5 pts
    45. VANragnarokVA, Bassim_mit_B, tekara83, Lexus228, karan232323, raabi_nka 4 pts

    Top50 gas some solid midcard names, but nobody stands out as "next big thing".

    51. Dimon0343, Andreosharipovo, ImGoingToOwnYou-, skaroots, lessoped, salihabid, MaiksMo, Veriozo, SchatzAlexander 3 pts

    I actually rate this list higher than two last ones. Really solid list of names here. Again, not single one of these guys seem to have what it takes to break in the Top10, but still a very good group of fighters. Maybe ImGoingToOwnYou- has most fire under himself to improve and take that leap.

    60. iSpirit94, standro, MichaelSully95, TakeaLookaround-, pepepapo1, ToMuchMoney27, IsaBeno95reg, SerAlexis, Lyohan974, Lewandowski__9, bils_LV, SniperKillerz, VladUTD, Gorillagangpee, GORISAN, SeanCorkery98, GenkiDama666357, feydek06, lolodelduo59 2pts

    standro, MichaelSully95 and TakeaLookaround- are the names that stand out from here. TakeaLookaround- has the claim to be one of the best grapplers on UT, standro made significant leap on his striking in the last few months and MichaelSully95 is one of the most active fighters left in the game. Someone of them could make it big soon enough...

    79. ChainZRO, skanydee, Winds_of_Plaguee, King94Rico, LukaStarzz, JormaJormala, polandkuk, slatymax, Sashulkin8, MATTY_LFC--, dmitriy185, bruman1986, Boyz__Boo, jjtto89, Lewisfitzaay97, MatzeM10, Ivan_Cro, InkStellar, JimLahey246, tonystarr, exotic_zshockzz, iPandaChef, ihk_gaming2, Gigi_Montana47, YeOleScrot, americanhotdog81, xxGirlGoneMadx, VelRey, intanik, RebelSoldier282, edmarmaia94, stevenjb95, JokerGnr, artem198732, DEVIN_THE_DUDE, Croupier1977, WILL88-, DanaWhiteHasAIDS, ChiefyGaming, CCCejudo, Ozena_MD

    121 names of something like that has made "The Cut" thus far in Ultimate Team. 121 heroes of our modern times who have made ultimate sacrifices to get on this list. Honor them with respect and admiration as they are not the heroes we deserve, but truly the heroes we need to get us through of these trying times!


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    SEASON 11

    1. mesrine1180 10+5=15 (89)
    2. Scxpe_OG 9+3=12 (46)
    3. RTSImperator 8+3=11 (53)
    4. VitaliyNechi 7+3=10 (91)
    5. zII-PunisheR-IIz 6+3=9 (71)
    6. FabioLous83 5+3=8
    7. SnDizzzy 4+3=7 (46)
    8. yoyobaby148 3+2=5 (16)
    9. Takealookaround 2+2=4 (6)
    10. weareyouthof 1+2=3 (30)

    So we have very clear patterns inside the Top10 this season. The Top 2 has maybe the two best all around talents in the history of UT. Doesn't necessarily mean G.O.A.T. status, but very rounded fighters who base their game around stand-up fighting, but can mix it up on the ground too. They have very different approach to the game, one bases his tactics around exploitable, yet effective, moves that game mechanics allow. The other has more realistic style, but nevertheless working around "meta stuff" too. Both are dangerous on the ground too.

    For seeds 3 through 5 we have strikers. RTSImperator has taken his place as the top striker at the moment, but always dangerous Punisher is right behind him and Vitaliy is waking up too. It is good news for the strikers to see top places crowded with gifted stand-up players.

    After that we have new entry FabioLous83. I have only played once against him and it was easy win, but obviously he is not someone to take lightly as he is also doin' work now at Season 12. I would say he most likely likes to grapple, at least that is what I got when we faced. Dizzzy, yoyobaby, Takealookaround and weareyouthof are also grappling based fighters so there is major pressure for strikers to survive from now on.

    2 Points Club: MichaelAtkin316 (25), gavridze90 (2), standro (4), PiiggiidyPanda (28), fiesta_2006 (11)

    MichaelAtkin316 is still going strong behind the best fighters, having potential to put himself in the conversation too. standro, as said earlier, has taken nice steps last months. His movement, crisp combos and well-timed spin moves are a threat to anyone when standing up against him. Fiesta_2006 one of the better all around fighters too, but maybe needs a little more polish on the stand-up department. PiiggiidyPanda is a mainstay at this level, but is having problems maintaining 1900+ level. Can mix it up both ways, but might be a bit "gung-ho" for top level competition.

    gavridze is interesting name here. It feels like he has his own style, mostly stand-up, but effective on draining opponents stamina. He does well on the defensive side of the coin and is very good at side step tactics making his opponents miss quite a bit. Very basic striker who goes more on the counter, but has found a interesting way to get the job done. I don't rate him this high based on our meetings, but can't deny the results.

    1 Point Club: Davidsonn- (9), CCejudo (2), elfatou83, Winds_of_Plague (2), ShalekColon, Vinotaur 34, skanydee 2, s1avko79 (7), Mrmasl91, souza509, BLOODTYPE_-_, Ivan__Cro (2), CHAPMEN906 (6), polandkuk (2), hamich78 (7), MichaelSully95 (3), Ambrosiuss (41), SasHulkin8 (2), Dimon0343 (4), ImGoingToOwnYou- (4), IgorUSSR, JormaJormala (2)

    Few names to mention here. elfatou83 and souza509 are the new breed of stand-up fighters. Especially elfatou83 has very elegant way of moving and throwing his strikes. Definitely one of the best we've had here on UT. Where did this guy came from? Well, someone wiser has to answer that for me. ShalekColon has been on the talks too, but not in a positive way. Lagging and expoiting have been mentioned, but myself I have not faced him yet.

    And then there is The One. Finally IgorUSSR has ARRIVED!

    You will never, ever have someone like Igor come around twice. The guy who has been working his ❤️❤️❤️❤️ of with thousands and thousands of matches per season w/ single player grinding to boot. He has all the fighters, all the moves and he comes at you like one-minded robot, only purpose within himself to destroy everyone who crosses his path. The same moves every match, the same reactions to getting hit every match. The same results every match. He just keeps on going and going and going. Never tired, never disheartened. The epitome of grittiness and persistence. Example for all of us measly peasants that quiver underneath his greatness.

    Igor, the legend. Igor, the myth. There can only be one IgorUSSR.


    Next up: Updated "G.O.A.T." lists, announcing "the G.O.A.T." of Ultimate Team and choosing of the captains for Continental Teams.
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  • Elfatou83 is second account of seyph83 😉
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    Overall Standings after 11 Seasons (Up to date, Continent after name):

    1. VitaliyNechi 91 (EU)
    2. mesrine1180 89 (EU)
    3. zII-PunisheR-IIz 71 (NA!)
    4. RTSImperator 53 (EU)
    5. KainozZ 49 (EU)
    6. SnDizzzy 46 (EU), Scxpe_OG 46 (NA)
    8. lx19900910 41 (RoW), Ambrosiuss 41 (EU)
    10. yesgumi 36 (RoW)

    Top10 and basically the whole list is dominated by Europeans and its not even close. It is almost so bad for other continents that you should do Great-Britain, Russia and other Europe as a three independent entities altogether to get even match-ups with other continents. We also see that Punisher has been playing under US moniker which is surprising to me at least as I thought the guy was British. Other name that has the same surprise is yoyobaby who I thought hails from Russia for sure.

    There is one explanation and that is shenanigans as you probably get easier match-making with US tag than you do with EU tag. Maybe these two are cheaters?

    As far as our Continental competition goes they go by US and they play for them either way. Lord knows US needs all the help they need.

    It is obvious that the G.O.A.T. comes from this list and there is only two choices. VitaliyNechi is the points leader with two Season Championships on him. Combined with two +2000 finishes that is great accomplishment.

    He is only trumped by mesrine1180 who has three championships and 3 over +2000 with only +2100 under his belt. On the other hand mesrine has bad reputation as an exploiter and has been accused of "rank padding" with his fellow french friend HIT_MMA.

    Taking all this in consideration it is indeed VitaliyNechi that is still the true G.O.A.T. of UFC 3 Ultimate Team. mesrine needs to come good with his past and first take over the rankings board and then continue to dominate for an extended period to overtake Vitaliy on the top list. That basically means that we wont be having new G.O.A.T. before Season 13 comes to end (currently on Season 12).

    So there you have it, VitaliyNEchi your true G.O.A.T.! Confirmed and official.

    Vitaliy and mesrine will co-captain the European Team and it is easy to pick rest of their team too. KainozZ has been missing in action for some time so he wont feature here and Ambrosiuss been playing way too lightly. SnDizzzy has the best merits for last three seasons so he will be the third member of Team Europe.

    Fourth place is between RTSImperator and a name revealed later. RTS has been killing it before Season 12, but has not been around now so it shall be seen is it him or the other name taking fourth spot leaving the other guy as the substitute member.

    For Team North America zII-PunisheR-IIz and Scxpe__OG will form an uneasy alliance to co-captain their team. As you will see, most of the North Americans coming next on the list have been retired or semi-retired for long time so we have to get really creative with the two remaining members of the team.

    Rest of the World will feature two retired guys coming OUT of their retirements. lx19900910 and yesgumi are very acclaimed players on their own right, but have been out of the UT game very long time so they will give massive advantage on fighters and moves.

    As far Team South America we will not see their first members before we reach the bottom end of Top30....

    11. Vinotaur 32 (NA)
    12. weareyouthof 30 (EU)
    13. PiiggiidyPanda 28 (EU)
    14. tycannon283 27 (NA)
    15. STAY_SMOKIN116GRP 26 (NA)
    16. MichaelAtkin316 25 (EU), BrandNewMac 25 (EU)
    18. Mihai_Christian91 23 (EU)
    19. Chechen_Stechkin 22 (EU)
    20. CALVOtheBOSS 18 (EU)

    All the guys on Top20 list for Team North America are either retired or semi-retired. I wouldn't consider them right now. Team Europe has crazy good options here and it is indeed MichaelAtkin316 who has been on an absolute tear Season 12 that has to be considered for the last slot in the team. It is really tough choice, but in the end I'm going to go with RTS as he has the pedigree and Michael just has not shown the consistency to be trusted for this kind of responsibility.

    MichaelAtkin will be the captain of Team Europe Challengers and has the chance to shove it against his fellow Europeans. His team will feature weareyouthof who is one of the best grapplers in UT and PiiggiidyPanda who has the all around game to compete against most of the names mentioned thus far. He is a bit of a loose cannon, but I'm sure MichaelAtkin will get him to fight for the team.

    The last name for challenger team will have to be from the Top10 list as next active potential guys don't have more than 7 ranking points or less. That just doesn't cut it in Europe and we will be going for more decorated name in Ambrosiuss who still plays. Not ideal pick here and you have KainozZ with better credentials, but he has been basically retired for months so can't have him.

    So we have two teams, the Europeans, ready:

    Team EUROPE:

    VitaliyNechi (co-c), LW
    mesrine1180 (co-c), HW
    SnDizzzy, MW
    RTSImperator, WBW

    Vitaliy is great striker so we will place him in the "Striking Zone" called Lightweight. Mesrine1180 has been dominating the heavyweights for ages and takes that slot. Dizzzy was dominant in MW for long time and takes his talents there. RTSImperator can have WBW and plant combos there.


    MichaelAtkin316 (c), LW/MW/HW
    weareyouthof, HW/MW
    PiiggiidyPanda, WBW
    Ambrosiuss, MW/LW

    We need to think really careful here. I think PiiggiidyPanda has been very comfortable in WBW so we will let him have it. I don't like him in LW or MW.

    After that Michael needs to choose the most comfortable division for him to get that win. I'm not sure at all what he prefers. weareyouthof might not be able to grapple in LW effectively so he would go to HW or MW. Ambrosiuss gets the remaining slot as we are not even expecting him to bring home victories against Team Europe at least. He might have shot vs. other teams and I think he has been best in MW maybe?

    21. Sevanity 16 (EU), yoyobaby148 16 (EU!)
    23. Dominator956Z 13 (NA), Ozmosis 13 (NA), carloangelo_io 13 (NA)
    26. fiesta_2006 11 (EU)
    27. DarkExileLD 10 (NA), Rode_Runner 10 (NA)
    29. NewYGamer 9 (NA), Swiss_Libax 9 (NA), Davidsonn- (SA)

    As far Challenger Team goes we could also go with fiesta_2006 instead of Ambrosiuss. He might actually be the more effective player right now. For now we will place him on the reserve list.

    Team North America gets it going here. yoyobaby148 has been very effective with his unique style and we will introduce him here. It might not be popular choice, but the other names here are just simply not playing anymore. Swiss_Libax would be huge name for the team, but when you don't play UT it's hard to get in here.

    One name that will make the team though is Dominator956Z who clinched Top3 seeding only few seasons back with minimal amount of games and effort. He is scary good ranked player and has shown he can mix it up in UT too. So he is the fourth and last member of Team North America. DarkExileLD could named as reserve, but I'm not sure how active he is and how good teammate he would make. Word around the block says he is kind of a ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Some talk about lag tactics too, but it is what it is.

    Team South America also gets its captain as we are introduced to Davidsonn-. Veteran guy who has been causing a lot of problems with his favela internet connection. He will be a mouthful for sure!


    zII-PunisheR-IIz (co-c), WBW/LW
    Scxpe_OG (co-c), MW
    yoyobaby148, HW
    Dominator956Z, LW/WBW

    I have not checked where Dominator has Master fighters, but he should have Conor at least. If he does have Nunes in WBW he could go there to clean RTSImperators clock too. Punisher will work the other division with his pure striking skills.

    Scxpe will go after SnDizzzy in MW and has great chance to beat his former student turned in to mentor there. yoyobaby148 goes to HW and grapples with Cormier or Severn, whatever he has there going for himself.

    32. SaintClara_Chapa (SA), Flexy_ox4, Naija_Flex, Fabulous83 (EU?) 8 pts
    37. CrazyDuck22 , Deja_Vu_555, hamich78, seyph78, s1avko79 7 pts

    Top40 has second name for Team SA in SaintClara_Chapa. Fabulous83 is completely new name from Season 11 and has been dominating Season 12, but too early to talk about him. Let us wait for next season to see where he belongs. I'm not even sure he is from Europe, haven't checked it out.

    42. C-UNIT3234, TakeaLookAround-, CHAPMEN906 6 pts
    45. Volkaa77 5 pts

    46. Bassim_mit_B, VANRagnarokVA, tekara83, Lexus228, karan232323, raabi_nka, Dimon0343, ImGoingToOwnYou, standro 4 pts

    56. MichaelSully95, Andreosharipovo, skaroots, lessoped, salihadib, MaiksMo, Veriozo, SchatzAlexander 3 pts

    62. gavridze90, CCejudo, Winds_of_Plaguee, skanydee, Ivan__Cro, polandkuk, Sashulkin8, JormaJormala, iSpirit94, pepepapo1, ToMuchMoney27, IsaBeno95reg, SerAlexis, Lyohan974, Lewandowski__9, bils_LV, sniperkillrz, VladUTD, GorillaGangpee, GORISAN (RoW), SeanCorkery98, GenkiDama666357, feydek06, lolodelduo59 2 pts

    87. ChainZRO, Malice215C, King94Rico, LukaStarzz, slatymax, MATTY_LFC--, dmitriy185, bruman1986, Boyz_Boo, jjtto89, LewisFitzaay97, MatzeM10, Ink_Stellar, JimLahey246, tonystarr, exotix-zhockzz, iPandaChef (RoW), ink_gaming2, Gigi_Montana47, YeOldScrot, americanhotdog81, xxGirlGoneMadx, VelRey, intanik, RebelSoldier282, edmarmaia94 (SA), stevenjb95, JokerGnR, artem198732, DEVIN_THE_DUDE, Croupier1977, WILL88-, DanaWhiteHasAIDS, ChiefyGaming, OZENA_MD

    121 names.

    Team South America EDITED VERSION


    The last name on this list I have to get back to and edit it in when I get back to my PS4. There is one guy who has been playing decently this season and has some +1600 finishes earlier. Other than that Team SA just doesn't have anyone. Some guy called Seth Rollins does well in ranked, but hasn't been doing well enough or been active enough to get in the team here.

    It will be really hard for them to compete and I can't say where these guys do best. Davidsonn- might be best in MW though. Others I have played so little its better not to say anything.

    Team Rest Of The World


    I'm including all the five guys for RoW as we don't know how out of shape yesgumi and lx will be. Or GORISAN. Safe to say they are the real underdogs of this tournament.

    Record Book:


    mesrine1180 3
    VitaliyNechi, lx19900910, SnDizzzy 2
    KainozZ, tycannon283 1

    Second Place Finishes:

    Punisher 4
    VitaliyNechi 2
    Sevanity, yesgumi, Vinotaur, mesrine, Sxpe_OG 1

    Third Place Finishes:

    RTSImperator 3
    KainozZ 2
    Mihai_Christian91, Chechen_Stechkin, lx19900910, VitaliyNechi, mesrine, Dominator956Z

    2000 Club:

    mesrine 3 (including 1 +2100 and World Record)
    lx19900910, SnDizzzy, VitaliyNechi 2
    Sevanity, tycannon, RTSImperator

    So there you have it! I will check the Teams later and make the fixtures list accordingly w/ fighters included. After that its up to anyone to speculate how would the matches go for these teams.

    We might be back after Season 12 if still feeling like it. If not I want to thank everyone who has been alongside with the ride to find out who the REAL G.O.A.T. in this game mode is. And the answer was indeed...



    Congrats Vitali!

    Post edited by Paltsari on
  • So here are the final teams after more consideration:


    Lightweight: VitaliyNechi (Conor McGregor)

    Middleweight: SnDizzzy (Matt Hughes or CM Punk)

    Heavyweight: mesrine1180 (Chuck Liddell)

    Bantamweight: RTSImperator (Amanda Nunes)


    Lightweight: Dominator956Z (Conor McGregor)

    Middleweight: Scxpe_OG (Georges St-Pierre)

    Heavyweight: yoyobaby148 (Daniel Cormier)

    Bantamweight: zII-PunisheR-IIz (Amanda Nunes)


    Lightweight: fiesta_2006 (Nate Diaz) [replaced Ambrosiuss as he is more active)

    Middleweight: MichaelAtkin316 (Georges St-Pierre)

    Heavyweight: weareyouthof (Daniel Cormier)

    Bantamweight: PiiggiidyPanda (CAF Brawler)


    Lightweight: Davidsonn- (BJ Penn)
    Middleweight: edmarmaia (Rafael Dos Anjos)
    Heavyweight: SaintClair_Chapa (Daniel Cormier)
    Bantamweight: Soled-by__Rdzin (Amanda Nunes)

    I would place edmarmaia in either LW, MW or HW as he doesn't have WBW fighter in the Master Class. Also I would put Davidsonn to Lightweight as he is their heavy hitter and could have an upset over not so active Vitaliy or basically retired Dominator.

    Soled-by__Rdzin didn't fare well at all in HW against me earlier so that would give him either MW or WBW. I have no clue where SaintClair_Chapa is at his best either. I'm going out on a limb and mark him as a grappler and give him HW with Cormier.


    Really, really hard to make up a decent team. We will name Malice21SC the captain as he has been most consistently top of the list last seasons. He has full stable of good fighters too.

    DdayzZ86 has great 34-1 record for this season, but really only has Max Holloway and been fourth and fifth on the ranking last two seasons before this. Not quite what we are looking for.

    OMARZR-3 has finished in the Top3 since season 9 so he gets second place in the team. He has good fighters all around, but I wouldnt play him in LW as he is more of a all around or grappler type of a player.

    yesgumis last fight was in Season 8, but he is so decorated that we will accept that with flying colours here. He has fighters in LW, HW and WBW.

    GORISAN and iPandaChef have been out for too long, they are out.

    Last place will be decided between Season 8 winner jjtto89 (retired since I guess, has full stable), lx19900910 (has fighters in LW and WBW, retired for ages) and the guys playing now: sw-4410 and zilongyunzhao (both have real nice stables).

    In the end of the day you just cant go past the championship pedigree of lx an he gets the nod. We will have three way qualification between guys still playing - DdayzZ86, sw-4410 and zilongyunzhao.

    I don't know these guys much so can't say what they are all about. I don't see them getting many wins in this tournament to be honest.

    Who would win this tournament given the players and their fighters? Is it easy for Europe or would NA be able to upset them? How many wins would RoW or SA get over Europe or NA? Or the Challengers team for that matter. How good is the European Challengers team? MichaelAtkin for sure has great chance of winning against NA and EU, but would other guys be able to surprise their opponents?
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