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Why don't 4 strike combos work?

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I was trying to go against Gunnar Nelson to learn new moves for my character at the gym I selected (the one that's outrageously priced) and one of the sessions says "land a single 4 strike combination" but NO MATTER WHAT I TRIED, turning down the difficulty (usually on pro, went all the way to easy even) button mashing just jabs and strikes and kicks finally, but they always stopped after 3 and said I never landed one, but in reality I was pounding Gunnars face in and every single one landed, at one point I had like an 8 hit combo that involved an overhand punch and a spinning back fist, and also a roundhouse kick. I'll accept if I'm bad, but please someone teach me, or tell me if the game is just broken


  • This is because the devs opted for preset combos in UFC 3, which was a terrible idea as combos no longer have any flow or fluidity to them and often require holding or pressing multiple buttons just to pull off a single move. Your fighter's base style might have also affected the challenge as certain styles like Boxing or Kickboxing come with certain preset combos already learned. This in turn might make it difficult for a wrestler or grappler to pull off certain moves or combos as they won't have many punch or kick combos available at the start of their career.
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