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Please can we have Raymond Bishop unlocked for Fight Night Champion on Xbox X. You give us the game and then unlock George Forman that had been locked for years and not the others. Please our community there has grew just from us during our best to hold this together. Can we have all the fighters that are locked that we can not unlock by playing the game or purchasing.

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  • Why EA keeps saying servers are no longer available to play on line, but I stream people playing online, please help how to by pass terms and condition on Fight Night Champion....
  • Created boxers on owc and joined a gym but it won’t let me spar and says no box created for weight class. My on Xbox 1
  • Been trying to play OWC, but my record is never updated. Tried the EA help chat and they just said they're no longer supporting the game and directed me here.

    I've tried rebooting my XboxOne and using a different fighter, but my record never changes and I get "unable to retrieve fight stats" or something after the match. If my record won't update it seems kinda pointless to play online.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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