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UFC 3 brought a new and fun spin on mma games, however it still had it downsides, mainly the ground fighting . When watching a fight there's movement when clinched up or on the ground, changing of position, fighters moving without hesitation sometimes. When play the clinched up or fighting on the ground UFC 3 started to feel slow and stop and go ish. Past UFC games such as UFC Undisputed 3 have done amazing with ground fighting and fighting against the cage. By improving upon the ground game making it very technically built and not just quick reaction times and constantly fakes it could make an entirely new way to play the game. With top level grapplers in the ufc such as Khabib, D.C, Brian Ortega, etc. there should come a more complex and new grappling system. something that will make the ground game feel more realistic. add shuffling on the ground over to the cage to use it to get up, pulling guard when using a guard specialist, sweeps, takedowns, and all different types of transitions that give the players a more open, free, and unique play style. If changes such as these could be made than I believe UFC 4 can be the best MMA game to date. Along with added modes such as pride mode, My fighter(game mode similar to other ea custom character modes- world of chel, fifa pro clubs, etc.), Manager mode, Coach mode, etc.
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