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Luck or better drop rate

I spent 35k in coins during the first hour move of the night cards were available and got master Valentina (finally,) master spinning backfist, elite leg kick and gold body jab.
Crazy luck or better drop rates?


  • That's just really good luck, normally I wouldn't expect to get anything with just 35k.

    Saying that, I also got the backfist in my second pack. Spent a bit more and got nothing.
  • Yeah it was weird
    I normally dont get jack either for 35k....it usually takes closer to 100k to get 1 decent thing and then antoher 50k to get the same move. Lol

    Just wondering if any ody else is getting good drops also.....
  • Paltsari
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    edited August 14
    I'm feeling the gold event moves are dropping very high nowadays.

    Always had some decent luck with masters and elites and also went dead dry on em. Don't see a difference on those. Some events I hit, some events I don't.

    But EA isn't all bad isn't it? Love THE EA and they will love you back!
  • I grew up in the 90s loving ea...NBA, NFL, Tiger.
    Now only play UFC and dont care about the other stuff anymore.
    I would like to say good things but the bad usually outweighs the good.

    Without youtube i would have no idea how to play this game!!

    The cards should pay as many coins as they cost for one

    Some system to keep us from getting the same cards we already have should be established.

    But all that said.....I still love this game!
  • Anyone had any luck on the 241 packs?

    I've spent something like 150-200k without a single MOTN item :/
  • Spent 55k
    Got master bjj trans
    And Assuncao gold lead hook
  • Damn, that’s the move I wanted!
  • dafuge1 wrote: »
    Damn, that’s the move I wanted!

    I couldnt believe it dropped.
    Waited a 1 1/2 years for a good bjj trans and got it a month after i got Icon penn with 5* trans
    Go figure!
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