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UFC 4 should be coming soon so I was hoping to give some ideas to the Devs. I was thinking of how disappointing the Goat career mode was. I mean we’ve had the same customization options since the first UFC game. Same heads same tattoos. The customization definitely needs to be overhauled. I liked the old system of fighting styles better. Martial arts is so much more than just striking and grappling. There are so many unique styles. It would be nice to see that represented in the next game. There should definitely be interactive press conferences and weigh ins. They are integral parts of the UFC experience and should be treated that way in the game. In each gym there should be coaches that we work with for different aspects of our fight game. Rivals should actually be treated as rivals. Maybe instead of giving us automatic rivals we could have a more authentic experience where our rivals are built up. Maybe you call someone out or they call you out. That leads to trash talk back and forth. Your fight gets hyped to McGregor vs Khabib levels. Then an injury happens. Someone has to pull out of the fight or maybe fight through an injury. Things like that would make the experience so much better. We should get to choose a manager who could either push our career to new heights or to our lowest point. Make money matter. Let us use it to buy things other than gym memberships and rehab. As for bonus characters you already have fighters such as Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson. Just put in Muhammad Ali and Chuck Norris. They’d be great. Ready to hear feedback.


  • EA SPORTS UFC 4 Wishlist

    Get every fighter and every division in the UFC in the game
    Come out on the Xbox Scarlett/Two and PS5 and go beyond the uncanny valley
    Scan all of the fighters with tattoos
    Being able to do Champ vs Champ without combining weight classes and waiting for Live Events
    Add breakdowns and weigh ins to Create A Event
    Get all of the fighters signature stance, punches, kicks, elbows, etc
    Reinvent the whole ground game when it comes to submissions, transitions, takedowns, the clinch
    Get the signature fighter walkout songs like TJ, Jon, DC, Poirier, JDS
    Add more arenas
    Just make the greatest MMA video game of all time, you got close with UFC 3 but I feel like there’s still so much more you guys can do

    Also for the wishlist add all of the Champion trunks
  • My wish list
    * Store more than 100 fighters to save my fighters created by me, 22 are very few
    * That in both tournaments, events as well as in the fight now the rules of boxing and Muay thai can be used
    * Let the fight continue on foot, adding it not only in tournament mode and fight now, also in event mode
    * That on occasion the wrestlers cannot attend at the time of the decision due to an injury, and can be seen being treated or removed on a stretcher
    * That in spectacular and precise blows, we can see the contestant's mouth guard flying out
    * The 2 new female weights (featherweight and flyweight) are present
    * More modalities of hairstyles, bodies, hair color, tattoos and much more in the creation of fighters, especially in hairstyles and bodies in women, since they have much less than men
    * To return as in the first UFC of EA Hispanic (Latin) comments
    * It would be pretty good to be able to fight over a boxing ring, especially if we add the boxing rules and Muay Thai
    * It would be very interesting to add as confrontational fights of genders, without this type of fighting coming to the ground, or having blood, so that it was not so violent, since it would only be in exhibition mode
    * It would be great if they added pride mode
    * I expect many improvements in the game play of the game, and that the blows to the feet are not so decisive, that many of them end up being in technical KO and this does not make it very realistic
  • Riyad161
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    are standing tko's or doctor stoppages gonna be in the game?
  • EA_Blueberry
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    I'll try to find that out for you as soon as possible.
  • hanzo_rose
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    I will no longer support EA sports, because they seem to cater to UFC fans more than, Fight Night Fans. Its been almost 10 years since we had a new Fight night.
  • Block stamina needs to be increased or taken out. I've had multiple fights where I'm blocking and my opponent just keeps swinging because they know they can easily win like that. And also, submissions are way too easy. Maybe shrink the bar for the person that's being submitted. Otherwise, I'm enjoying the beta.
  • If we have EA ACCESS and get UFC 4 7 days before its actual release date can we post content on our YouTube channels? Or will we get a copyright strike?
  • EA_Blueberry
    4191 posts EA Community Manager
    If we have EA ACCESS and get UFC 4 7 days before its actual release date can we post content on our YouTube channels? Or will we get a copyright strike?


    You'll be able to post your content online.
  • Needs to be harder difficulties games way to easy atm.
  • Needs to be at least 2 more difficulties above legendary
  • Ufc 4 also needs to add more ways to lose or defeat an opponent like bad cuts stop a fight an ****
  • BATTEN215
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    I would like them to update the roster further add all the ranked fighters from the top 20 of each class because another of them are gaining popularity as of recent and along of people would like to see them in the game
  • Paul fielder needs updated body and facial hair his beard
  • Chuck Liddell takedown defense needs upgraded
  • Mike perry need updated hair he has that hair style only in ufc debute
  • Need more powerful strikes for ko
  • We really need mike tyson
  • Ufc 2 had him but not ufc 3 and 4 ?????
  • Rich franklin where is he we need him vs liddell
  • Why can’t we pick venue online quick match like backyard
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