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  • The game is awesome the great job EA
  • Ground needs work tho really hard and confusing every blocks the get up it should be like undisputed 3 ground we’re after two or three get up try’s you automatically get up can’t be blocked so they can’t spam block
  • dennis9469
    1 posts New member
    anyone have an issue of getting taken down and can't do nothing to get out? Seems like the match is over first person to get take down. Also the striking seems to do no damage. So far this game is hot garbage lol ufc 3 was better. Maybe add a playable tutorial as well instead of just viewable demos
  • What have you done to ranked championships? 🤦🏼‍♂️
  • gmazelyte
    1 posts New member
    Ranked online championships: ****???? It picks your weight class for you? If this isn’t fixed I won’t be on ranked at all anymore, who would want no option to their weight class? This should at least be a setting to change through the game, ridiculous. It chose heavyweight automatically and i hate playing that class. Make it an option to choose again!!!!
  • Need a harder difficulty legendary isnt hard enough
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