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The Next Spotlight should be Sean O’Malley

This will be the only time I encourage EA to go after my money and cash in on the work they have already done on the Sean O’Malley fighter in the game currently.

O’Malley has some of the coolest signature moves in the game with a 720 Kick and a 360 Lead Roundhouse. Should easily be able to make carded versions of these moves similar to Gaethje’s rolling thunder. Also has the 360 guard pass that could be built in or added to make a special BJJ Or Wrestling Transitions card.

Permanent perks should be pretty easy with Taekwondo perk due to the spinning kicks and Carved of Wood perk with him having survived his last fight despite fighting with a broken foot

So far we’ve had an all time great in GSP and we’ve had a perennial contender and title challenger in Gustafsson. So next it’s time to look to the future for someone that has a ton of potential in Suga Sean O’Malley. With him being sidelined with a suspension for a tainted supplement case we may not see him fight before UFC 4’s release. He’s been cleared of any wrong doing on his part(I think) but being unable to compete due to the drug still being in his system this may be the only way we get more than a silver carded version of O’Malley.
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