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  • Why are these packs giving out so many elite moves? Madness
  • ashcover wrote: »
    Why are these packs giving out so many elite moves? Madness

    Which ones?

    I've opened a load of Zombie packs without any elite moves.
  • ashcover
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    [quote="dafuge1;c-2098587"][quote="ashcover;c-2098583"]Why are these packs giving out so many elite moves? Madness[/quote]

    Which ones?

    I've opened a load of Zombie packs without any elite moves.[/quote]

    Really? I've had 4 elite moves so far out of like 10/12 packs. Opened a few of each (bar abomination).
  • The pics aren’t my fighters, just ones i ran into or saw on people’s teams from the leaderboards
  • Has anyone gotten a master fighter yet? If so, how did you do it?
  • srf1999
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    How many slots on these Master Strikers?
  • I've opened several packs now that said had a hunter trophy but when i went to add it nothing... Anyone else have that issue?
  • Yeah there’s 4 different categories of monsters and monster hunters so you gotta go in and find which monster trophies you got if you’re just opening the main pack that has all 4 mixed in
  • It just keeps happening...

  • ashsamuel
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    A few I've come across if anyone is looking for stats...

  • Weirdly, Woodley seems to have the stats of a brawler?
  • I’m waiting until I see 5 star Yoel and Bisping cards before I get a MW
  • Not even 10 standup slots for Khabibs balanced? Weak.

    It seems everyone and their mother has gone for Wanderlei Silva. You are not fighting any other fighters in HW anymore it feels. But what else there is worth grabbing besides him?

    The Specialists are Sung Jung, Choi and maybe Northcutt is LW too? WBW has Eye. HW has Jones and Hunt.

    Specialist Ortega runs the LW and you really wanted to get him from last campaign. Most have Rousey on WBW. And you are going to have a lot of problems playing as Specialist in WBW either way. I wouldn't recommend LW or WBW Specialists at all.

    In HW you might have more luck with Specialist. If you have Elite Jones from year ago, he could be cost-effective pickup. I don't remember if Hunt has same benefit.

    Grappler Apartment has only 3 names. HW there is no sense taking one as you can get Cormier from Champ sets and he is very good. And there are a lot of Severns too which is the best Grappler card in the game IMO.

    In MW Serra is an option. There is the Matt Hughes card though, but Serra should be decent if not necessary add if you don't own Hughes. I'd rather not though as you can get your dailies done in HW with Cormier if necessary.

    Balanced has Silva, Nunes and Khabib. Khabib with 9 slots does not do it for me. If Nunes has 11 or at least 10 she would be decent add in WBW where I have not come across a lot of balanced fighters. There might be a reason for that though...

    I have not played with Silva in ranked to say anything to his fighter model. CM Punk is still the best Balanced with GSP in the MW too so no demand for Silva IMO.

    6 Brawlers with 2 of em coming in to WBW - Herrig and VanZant. Definitely not interested as Nunes is there and you could get Cyborg too last campaign if you fancied solid Brawler in there.

    We covered Wanderlei and then we have Lineker in LW. He is SO small. Compact fighters can be a handful, but Lineker might be a bit too compact as is apparent with Andrade in WBW... So hard pass for him.

    MW would do well with some brawler blood. Who even runs this division right now as a brawler option? I'm not coming up with any names, only too big CAFs.

    I experimented with CB Dollaway in Quick Fight and he is MASSIVE. I don't think it works as he is too lazyfooted and stiff to work with.

    Thiago Alves has very nice build, but only 12 standup slots. It makes him decent, but a bit limited option. You are forced to strip your move set down a bit and have to focus getting two attributes down (most likely SWITCH and HEADMOVEMENT) to max the others. He does have strong ground game though. You can go full TOP-BOT-SUBO-SUBD with high Clinch. Maybe with little trickery get some TD to boot... I would treat him as a elite juiced up balanced fighter. Too bad he is brawler, not balanced...

    Striker options are all Vampires. Barao, Bisping, Alvarez, Woodley, Romero, Holloway.

    Barao will be fast and nimble, but you need to overcome some reach problems. Might be a good wild card in that division, but can he compete with Champ Conor? Tall order indeed.

    Holloway is solid Striker with very decent stats and more than adequate potential for solid ground defense. With the right cards you can actually have some TOP too. But you would be left without clinch then, leaving you weak on defense in that area.

    Alvarez i think is too slow for the division.

    MW you have Woodley and Romero. Woodley is more like a brawler, but not quite an elite brawler. He is lost in the middle, but compensates with great build and feel. If you can do with limited move set as a striker and can work in some damage on the ground with limited move set as a grappler, he could be your guy. Weird mix-up indeed.

    Romero I haven't tried in Quick Match for ages so Can't really say about his feel. And no info yet how his move set is built. Can he be better than Wanderlei S., Anderson S. or Thompson?
  • The Khabib cards looks closer to a grappler to me, which I'm absolutely fine with. I've got the 5* Ortega from last sets and can't get on with him at all. His health just doesn't hold up no matter how much a play around with boosts.
  • 1g7dasey5ptb.jpeg

    14 Striking slots and 10 grappling, i dunno who I want to take
  • Shwame83
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  • Hi guys;

    New around here, wondering if anyone can help. I am attempting to complete the Jon Jones Elite for Fright event.

    I have all of the bounty tokens needed and I have 5 zombie hunter trophies; however when I go to fill in the set it's saying I only have 3..but in my collectibles I have 5 showing. Tried signing in and out; reset game etc. But nothing is working. Anyone else had this happen & if so is there any way to solve it outside of contacting ea?

    Also if I do need to contact what is the best way to do so.

    Thanks for any and all help
  • Are you sure the icon in the hunter trophy is the same in all of those badges? They are very similar looking.
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