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Spotlight Dominick Cruz

So new spotlight fighter is Dominick Cruz. Any ideas on his style and stance (I personally don't really like playing southpaw fighters)?


  • Got myself master Cruz. He is balanced LW with ortodox stance. Has 5 lvl condos (box, kickboxing, muai Thai, traditional), 3 lvl knee to the body, 3 lvl double underhook and 2 lvl rear choke.
  • [url=https://ibb.co/GPRt4Sw][img]https://i.ibb.co/DKQ8H2X/IMG-20191207-150041.jpg[/img][/url]
    [url=https://ru.imgbb.com/]image uploader[/url]
  • And somehow I can't post an image here.
  • How many card slots does he have in stand up and grappling?
  • 13 slots for standup with very good base for stats.

    Grappling 10 slots with yet again nicely balanced stats.

    I managed to get SPD, BLK, PWR, FTWRK to 100 or very very close. Head movement 80+ to boot. Grappling stats 99-100 for TOP BOT SUBD SUBO and +80 on TD and CLINCH.

    The only weakness are the health and stamina stats. One piece of 80, rest 78. It leaves you a bit thin.

    But 13 slots on striking with Body Knee to boot... Basically quality Brawler set-up combined with luxury level ground game.

    Dominick has a bit quirky movement, but he is 66 kg dude which makes him nimble and fast. His straight comes out kind of a weird. I don't like it. But otherwise top quality minus the health/stamina stats. You can use him in any way you please but will get best results with combining a bit of everything together...
  • Will there be more spotlight fighters?
  • Maybe. Very possibly yes, but not for sure.
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