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Next spotlight fighter?



  • [quote="RonnieBarnes83;c-2122402"]So far he seems very slow regret using my daily tokens and wildcard on him[/quote]
    Can you share stats like confirm he’s a striker or how many slots etc? Any built in moves etc? Thanks in advance.
  • 16 striking slots 8 grappling 80-75-79-79 lvl3 leg kick lol 3 bjj get ups
  • At first glance he looks great but just feels sluggish
  • ronnie - thank you!
  • Anytime
  • Best three fighters I have in LW as far as quickness and "feel" goes:

    Champions Set Conor:

    - Best Striker by far. Only problem is he is southpaw. That makes me use moves I usually don´t use so much for my builds, but you have to get Switch up so...

    Specialist Brian Ortega:

    - I think from Schools? He has 8 slots so not great for striking, but the feel is amazing if you get Speed up. The combos come out CRISP and moves are effortless.

    Balanced Spotlight Nick Cruz:

    - Best overall by far. Has 12 or 13 slots AND Body Knee LVL3 which basically counts as one slot. You get stats up and he feels amazing. His straight is crooked though and can cause some problems with some combos.

    Combine his great striking to good level of grappling slots and you get my second favorite fighter after HW Wanderlei.
  • I think you’re in the wrong thread. This is on spotlight fighters not your random thoughts on best LWs. Thanks tho
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