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Trading cards ?

I know that for some technical reasons there is no trading market for cards on EA UFC, but would it be so bad to create a way to exchange cards we have ?

For example, i dont care about my Elite Connor card or my Cruz Master... Maybe a system could permit us to exchange two cards for another one, even a random one from the same level ?

Well, the thing is i wanna play with fighters i like, and style i like.


  • My #1 wish for the next UFC game is to have an auction house... I've heard that there are other games that let you trade or sell your cards with other players!!! I've got about 15 or 20 master cards that I just don't use and would love to trade for something else.
  • Auction house would be great but this game has probably around 500-1000 UT players a day at most and not really worth it for them. I literally play the top 50 guys all the time and I’m not even in the top 1000. Besides it would stop a lot of people from buying packs. If it had anywhere close to the player base of Madden or FIFA, I’m sure they would implement it.
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