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How to stop punches on ground?

Hello I am new on UFC game and this forum. I play mainly with friends now coz I am to bad for online. Sooo my question is How the hell stop punches when you are on griund and someone punch you from top? One of my friend find that way to win - I know I can block his overthrow attempts with R2 and RS but I cant block all of them. I watched some YT videos but the problem is I cant make block with R2 (my player dont make that animation with two hand on his face). Cant stop his arm by use R2 and RS left or right (depends of which hands he use in the moment) and dont have transition options. How can I stop that? It is frustrating to lose that every time he do this.


  • BDLesher
    1 posts New member
    Protect your head by Holding high block without using the stick. If ur using the stick...Sounds like your trying to arm trap him? Arm traps have to be timed correctly, and are risky if ur new...if u dont time it perfectly or use the wrong direction u lose the block. Stop trying to arm trap. Hold high block to both block his strikes, and more importantly, building up ur grapple advantage. After blocking 2 or 3 strikes ur grapple advantage will fill and make fast and easy transitions 4 u to sweep or getup. Id suggest spam holding r2 the entire time ur under him. Make sure u transition IMMEDIATELY after blocking his 2nd or 3rd strike. U can view advanced transitions by holding the modifier buttons. U can also reverse him if u block his transitions quickly. While Spam holding r2... wait 4 him to attempt to transition(when he tries to posture up or pass)...and block him with the right stick. If u have more stamina, or if u block multiple transitions quickly bc hes impatient,

    free reversals become possible
  • TopRankMMA
    5 posts New member
    Just hold R2 nothing else, wait until hes thrown 2-3 strikes then quick transition back into half guard.
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