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Best Portable Combat Sports Game - UFC Undisputed 2010 vs Fight Night Round 3 (PSP)

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It's time, an age-old question: MMA vs Boxing, the 2 best combat sports games/sims on PSP (possibly the only ones) are about to be compared.

These are, to my knowledge, the best Combat Sports games available on a portable, there aren't many MMA and Boxing experiences on a handheld, but these are the best from what I've gathered.

This is mainly for a person with equal interest in both games and both sports to make an educated purchase between these two games if they absolutely had to choose.

UFC Undisputed 2010 for PSP:

Fight Night Round 3 for PSP:

If you want my opinion, UFC has more content, but Fight Night is a lot more fun to play. To my knowledge UFC 2010 doesn't have a submission defense system... even though there are submissions, which is weird but a lot of MMA games didn't have submission defense either. That said it's kind of annoying when you get submitted 3 times by the same stuff done by the same guy.

When I say "more fun", I'm coming from the perspective of someone who likes to punch and kick in games like this; the kicking can be very brutal and fun in UFC 2010, but the punching is just unsatisfying, but that doesn't make it bad, more like they got right on the PS3/360 versions. I also don't like how there's not a lot of blood effects on guys in UFC 2010 no matter how badly you beat their face, only like 1 or 2 little blood spots.

The punches in Fight Night Round 3 are brutal and very fun to land, especially the haymakers, it just feels better, and more well-done tbh, knock-outs feel great to land as well as haymakers, and they got the effects down as well. Roster and other modes could be better though; they're sporting way less then half the roster of UFC 2010 and there are glaring omissions, like no Rocky Marciano, or George Foreman, no Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, how the hell do you put Evander in and not Tyson?? That and the lack of modes are kind of disappointing.

The stuff is stuttery because I recorded all the videos in PPSSPP and the settings to make the games less choppy were different for both games.

I do own both games on PSP though, and I adore them.

Check out the second UFC 2010 video and the third Fight Night video in the above message for an in-depth look at both games!

With all that said, discuss!
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