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Where are we leaving the UT Experience before moving to UFC 4?

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Wanted to make a topic about what is the state of play in UFC 3 UT before we start to transition towards UFC 4.

The idea came after Martial Mind dropped hints about the game being the same in many ways, many of them disappointing to us players. I'm obviously hoping they overhaul the grappling and if something only fine tune the stand-up game. If that happens what are the most important aspects of the game to take in consideration transferring UFC 3 UT to UFC 4 UT?

As I said, I'm staying positive on the grappling department and not thinking about it now. Overall you can say that ground game is not really a difference maker in this game for the top players. Few guys had success with grappling their way to top of the leaderboards. Mesrine comes to mind and Sndizzzy as other one. Both of them are more orientated to stand-up now. Maybe out of boredom, maybe because being good at stand-up is more efficient way of making ground in this game.

There are two good grapplers close to the top besides them, Takealookaround and weareyouthof (or something). The first is more of a clinch guy (underrated part of the game, but at the same time maybe the hardest to be good at) and the latter tries to have something going on standing up too, just to set up his grappling better.

That alone tells you, it is not easy to be a top player by grappling or that you need to be little wrong in the head to commit yourself to that craft.

So, stand-up it is!

For me, the two of the most unstoppable players on the top are quilt and Punisher with his many accounts (rumor). Both of them are ruthless, aggressive combo artist with block breaking ability. It seems that in the context of UT that would be the end game if you want to be the best. But again there has to be a reason why there are not that many guys doing it if its the best way. I'd say its easier said than done. But you can not underestimate the 100 stats combined with powerful moves and ability to pressure with combos. For me, these guys are the most hard to deal with.

After that I would say the "ranking meta" is definitely conquering the UT world too. It used to be more about spinning, but month by month the meta has made spinning more and more useless way to win and so we've been going to different direction.

For me, there are two types of meta. The one based solely on standing up and the other mixing it up with clinch and grappling with it. DarkExile has to be the best example of exhausting every possible method within the meta fighting scheme to extract wins. He is also one of the few who use "the last unexplored places" of UT - leg kicks.

Leg kicks really are the oddity here. Almost everyone dismisses the leg health to jack up other stats. It is very common to have leg health at the 78-82 range. Also the switch attribute is overwhelmingly most discarded stat of em all. Most of us have it at the 58-70 range and switching your leg usually means huge disadvantage on the stats. Most of us do not equip leg kicks and it is really not used at all. Why is that? I have thought about it and have few theories:

1) Blocking a leg kick is extremely effective compared to kicking a leg. I'd say the ratio is close to 4 leg kicks = 1 blocked leg kick. That alone makes it a challenge to work the legs.

2) I do not know if mastering leg kicks as far as timing and distance is hard, but for most of us using a leg kick ends up getting your head smashed in. Many guys are good at powering through a leg kick and burying you with heavy combo.

3) Working the body with leg kicks has been "UT Meta" and using kicks to work legs usually distracts from the body work. Can't have em both they say! Working the body gives you massive health advantage and using legs for legs means more handwork for body => more risky way.

4) It is hard to make your opponent quit with leg kicks, if you are not good at timing them for max. damage. I have had matches where my opponent has been getting killed and knocked down with leg kicks 20 times, but he still keeps going. And many can still work with their weaker leg (southpaw mostly) and stats disadvantage. You might done good job with leg kicks, but paid it with bad leg health for yourself and some very direct shots to the dome. Working the legs is many time the "long game" option and most in UT do not like the "long game" at all.

So... There are few players with good understanding on how to use leg kicks well. It is definitely an area that would be the next UT Meta in my eyes, but we will see. I have nothing bad to say about leg kicks other than wondering the ratio of leg kick - blocking a leg kick, is 4:1 really a realistic or should blocks do less damage?

The one thing Leg Kicks are very, very good at the moment is countering the minor side steps. More about those later.

On to the next one... The state of the gameplay worked to different moves/scenarios:

Body Knee - Maybe the only effective "spam move" left. Body Knee for me is an important tool as for most part it acts as a punishing tool for spinners. I think side step - body knee is the biggest single reason for spinning kicks going out of style. Should body knee be as effective as it is now in UFC 4? Definitively not. Would it still be better to have it as a weapon if spinning is not nerfed in UFC 4? Definitively yes.

I'm open for having body knee constructed in a completely different way, but at the same time I hope eliminating it as weapon does not open other cans of worms not being able to deal with spam...

Spinning Body Kick, Spinning Jumping Body Kick, Spinning Head Kick - For me, these are not a problem. They can not be used as unfair advantage. One could argue the stopping power of SHK which is very, very devastating. But its more of a finishing move now than anything else. Which it should be.

Side Stepping (minor steps) - I think we are a at the heart of the problem. I do not remember why this move was installed in the game. My best guess is to counter the other **** that programmers could not make go away. It has all but ruined the game. There is no minor stepping any moves in real life, its completely unique to the gaming experience, its the very base of meta fighting and its absolutely harming this game more than anything else. It is insanely effective tactic to make your opponent wiff, lose stamina and give you great countering opportunities. It should go away when UFC 4 comes and it should be the first thing they make sure of is not in the game. Period.

Yes, it helped get spinners under control. Kudos for that. But the bad outweight the good in a major way. Minor stepping is a cancer, no two words about it. Period.

Head sway to straight / hook - Not an easy part of the game to master, but very commonly used and too powerful. I have no problem rewarding a good head movement with tasty counter hit, but this meta right now is way too overpowered. Yes, you can get caught with it but still... Situations where you have basically no damage done to your head and you miss two punch combo can end you being flash KOed with sway hook. Should not be possible. Situation where you miss a jab and get hit with sway straight leave you severely stunned. Should not happen. I understand it dealing damage, I understand it interrupting you, but I do not feel its good for the game to have it as a finishing move kind of a weapon in those situations.

Keep it in the game, but nerf it down. Right now when you know how to use it, it makes you very difficult to hit with more than 2 strikes and the risk of missing is ultimate.

Body hooks, body uppercuts, body straights - The balance is not bad. There is considerable risk at trying to go for the body. The reward is good too. There are 3 problems though:

1) fake jab - body straight: This is not as much of a problem in UT, where it does not work in the same manner than in ranking. So, its not really a problem. You might to consider the ranking side of it though.

2) Is it realistic to constantly go for body? I would say in real life, the body shots are "slipped in" most of the time. No fighter constantly goes for the body in every combo or every other combo they throw. Maybe the risk is not too high or it is too easy to hit body effectively. I would suggest to either up the risk or make "the good shots" very spesific in situations where you hit em like in IRL. The over-going for the body should make the hits less effective (UFC 2 style if you do it too much it loses power).

I like there is more to the game than just smashing the head so Im all good having body punches in it, but it needs tweaks.

3) The minor step ruins this too. Yeah. So, you minor step a uppercut (cmon man!) and give the opponent a body straight - MASSIVE STAMINA EDGE! Or hit him with body uppercut or hook... Same thing. The minor step set ups a way too powerful counter with body punches. The experience might actually be just fine if the stupid minor step wouldnt be there to ruin it.

Thats it for me. Someone else might want to chime in and tell their experience. This one comes from a UT veteran with pedigree of being a Top50, Top30 and Top10 fighter in this installment of the game. Maybe someone with higher pedigree or more casual pedigree can tell their takes.


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