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TKos , corner stoppage

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TKOs need to make a return there is no too on this game striaght knockouts . You jump on someone when you knock them down and there balled up not even blocking there face like a dead corpse like what?

What we need :

Tko finishes like TJ Dillashaw did to Barao . Teeing off on him on the cage but he was still there in the fight just taking to much damage and the ref saved him . The ref needs to be more active in these games even in ground and pound you should hear the ref saying protect yourself and if you don’t after a while it’s stopped

- swaying when rocked on the ground should be a thing if I’m hurt on the ground I’m gonna try to defend myself and pull guard . You guys got these fighters knocked down then take 5 shots to the head and they wake up and pull guard like WHAT?!? Lol

- last one corner stoppages if your online or career mode or whatever and you are lossing the fight bad there should be an option while in the corner that lets you quit . That way people won’t just leave matches when there getting beat .
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