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Striking /wrestling

The striking in ufc 3 wasn’t bad it was really good only thing I would say is there need more unique animations for striking a leg kick from Aldo should not look the same as khabibs . I’m hearing about you guys might have dumbed down the controllers . Keep the Striking controls technical . I hope this becomes some button mashing game for casuals

Wrestling wise I’m guessing you guys got a new system in place so hopefully that means

more positions on the ground . Butterfly guard finally!

Ability to move on the bottom to get your back to the cage

Khabib wrestling animations and other top grapplers . Animations should be unique to them


  • EA_Blueberry
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    Hope to hear you signed up for the Closed Beta so we can hear your thoughts on the new mechanics soon.

    Here is what the Creative Director mentioned on the biggest updates coming to UFC 4:

    What are the biggest updates to UFC 4’s gameplay?
    A key update this year is the expansion of RPM technology. We initially introduced it in UFC 3 but it was limited to striking and locomotion. With UFC 4, we’ve expanded it across multiple areas, including our new fluid clinch system, updated takedowns, and additional striking variation. In addition, we’ve also added new ground and pound mechanics, and the grapple assist controls.

    What changes can be expected to grappling?
    Grappling was definitely a major focus for our team going into UFC 4. We wanted to make grappling more accessible from a control standpoint, which led us to develop the grapple assist option. Grapple assist is a new control option that makes it simpler for new players to get involved in the ground game. The legacy controls are still available for experienced players. In addition to that, we’ve added a number of new ground animations to improve the experience regardless of which control option you choose.

    What changes can be expected to submissions?
    We’ve overhauled the submission system in UFC 4 to create a simplified experience that activates two mini-games that pop up depending on what type of submission you’re in. We’ve also added the ability to strike during certain submissions, new submission chains, and new slams and exciting escapes from other submissions.

    What changes can be expected to takedowns?
    Based on community feedback, takedowns were another area of gameplay that we updated UFC 4. We’ve expanded the RPM technology into takedowns and that has allowed us to overhaul the mechanic in a way that we think players will enjoy. There are a multitude of new animations, from power carries and clean sprawls to all-new driving takedowns that will give players more control during these impactful wrestling moments.

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