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Two biggest problems are takedowns and subs

So currently in the beta the two biggest issues are the take downs being OP and almost impossible to stop no matter what characters you use. Jorge masvidal can take usman down without and trouble and thats just ridiculous. The second biggest problem is the submissions system its confusing and when the conputer does them its extremely hard to escape. I did a submission as nate diaz on a stephen thompson player online and i had my submission bar almost all the way full and i had my bar on top of his for almost the whole duration of the sub but some how he escaped??? And why when you are escaping a sub your bar gets bigger to the point where its almost as big as the whole circle??? It should be excatly like undisputed 3's submission system where the attackers bar will get smaller over the course of the sub and your bar starts off bigger depending on how good your subs are,how good the opponents defense is and how much stamina players have and or if they are rocked or hurt. I feel the sub system in ufc 4 doesnt give you enough info on why you are winning or losing or why your bar is so small and/or big. The AI subs tho are ridiculously OP i was playing as gilbert burns against conor mcgregor and he got me on the ground so i blocked a few transitions to wear his stamina down and went for a guillotine choke and almost had it but then the Conor AI reversed into a side choke and my bar to escape was massive and got bigger when i was escaping and conor tapped me out.....conor mcgregor tapped out gilbert bruns with a von flu choke! Ridiculous
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