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UFC 4 Submision Explain pls

Hello everyone

So im confused about the submision mechanics (the wheel part)

So if im defending submision i have to keep my movable part of the wheel on the opponents? And if im trying to do a submision its reverse?

Anyone can explain this please?


  • This is the exact same mechanic from UFC Undisputed 3, if you are attempting a submission then you need to keep your bar overlapping the opponent's. If you are defending a submission, then you need to keep your bar away from the opponent's bar.
  • I am someone who enjoys the grappling game and even more the submission game, and I was wondering will UFC 4 have the whole submission sequence when they're showing the steps or will it be soon as you and initiate submission you already have the submission locked in and you just have to finish it? I really enjoy UFC 3 submission system or at least them showing the progress of the submission and I hope you guys at least kept the progression part. Coming from a concern but loyal fan of the games and MMA
  • EA_Blueberry
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    The UFC team is aware of the feedback received from participants of the UFC 4 Closed Beta regarding the new game mechanics. Here is a brief statement taken from the Closed Beta recap:

    The full game will include much better onboarding tutorials for the new controls and all of the new gameplay features in UFC 4. The closed beta was purely a gameplay technical test and, unfortunately, we weren’t able to include the menu tutorials or the Career Mode onboarding into the beta build. For the final product at launch, getting used to these new controls to take full advantage of the features should be much more seamless and enjoyable.
  • @EA_Blueberry

    Thx for response and hope the game lives up to what we expect
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