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Ufc 4

I’ve played every ufc game ufc 3looks better ufc 4 striking slow and terrible overhand and all button controls are confusing and ground game is the worst can’t even move just block then get rocked


  • Stand up slow look at head kicks and the slow overhand ****
  • I pre orderd every game hope they fix this graphic really bad Conor looks bad and game feels slow ufc
  • Take down controls are terrible u push LT and x or y for takedown what happens to stick
  • entered beta code,nothing downloading on xbox
  • hangman960 wrote: »
    entered beta code,nothing downloading on xbox

    Cos the beta is over
  • You should be able to transition while postured up

    The modifier button plus holding down the punching button doesn't always let you throw your overhand right or any other special punches you may have, like a spinning back fist; It registers as a straight punch. If anything the clinch should be initiated by holding the punch button and the left button and the special punches like the overhand right and the jumping left hook should be initiated by just pressing the punch buttons and holding the modifer.

    Can't go straight into a thai clinch when initiating the clinch. Don't know if that's just based on the fighter available in the beta or not though.

    Knees to the body need to be available on the ground in side control and back side mount positions (where one fighter is on the side of the other fighter's back, knees to the rib cage should be available; see GSP vs Serra 2)

    Haven't seen any tkos
    Better bruising is needed (hematomas, black eyes and more should be added), cuts are good

    Doctor stoppages/Corner stoppages should be present. The ref should pull you off of your opponent as well.

    The ability to throw hammerfists and elbows in postured up and non postured position. Elbows and hammerfists need to be present in adequate positions.

    Need to have the ability to look for submissions while postured up as well.

    Improve takedown defense a bit. Even when defending you get taken down. Maybe go back to RT/R2 and down on the right stick for takedown defense and still have the two back buttons to defend body shots

    Improve striking while moving your head. You should be able to move your head and strike simultaneously.

    While grappling, the bottom opponent should be able to transition out of trouble, or even catch an arm, or grab a leg for a submission while his/her opponent is postured up on top of him/her. This would also include sweeps or reversals.

    Submissions are a little too overpowered; I feel like the person initiating the submission has the upper hand. I was still able to get out of a few submissions, but others I felt I had no chance.

    Striking animations need to improve. Not every punch thrown in the fight looks the same. There should be more variety in the angles that punches take. Also, the striking animations should be character specific. If I'm Francis Ngannou there's no way I should throw punches like a smaller fighter. Francis is fast for a Heavyweight, but he also throws his punches at weird angles and knocks people out with ease. See Ngannou vs Overeem for reference. Also Ngannou should have way more power than most fighters I hope he fights like himself in this game.

    Character models don't look new, so maybe the could get a little touch up before release as well.
  • The beta is copy and paste from ufc 3. Everything the same
  • EA_Blueberry
    2854 posts EA Community Manager

    Thank you for the feedback! As a heads up, Closed Beta feedback can be posted here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/UFC-4-Closed-Beta/ct-p/ufc-4-closed-beta-en

    (You won't be able to access those forums unless you had access to the Closed Beta)

    Closing this discussion down as all Closed Beta discussions must be directed to that forum link above. See you at launch on August 14th!
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