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UFC 4 Career Mode Discussion

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What's up, fighters!

Below you'll find information on Career mode from UFC 4's official site. What did you think of the trailer and new features for Career mode? Let's discuss.

Coach Davis
Coach Davis is our new interactive coach character that will guide you on your journey to the top of the UFC.

Fighter Evolution
Your fighter will grow and improve based on the decisions you make in the gym and in the Octagon. Depending on your tendencies in training and in fights, your fighter will begin to become more proficient in the attack styles you use more often. So if you want to be a great striker, throw more combos — and if you want to be a great wrestler, take it to the mat!.

Relationship System
Interact with fans, fighters and promoters to shape your reputation and career. Call out opponents on social media, pick up some moves from sparring partners and shape your story. Will you be a hero or a villain?

Learn From The Best
If you want to fight like a UFC champion, you've got to train with UFC champions. Invite other fighters to your camp and you'll pick up on their habits, styles and techniques. Want to become a better grappler? Bring Khabib to camp. Want to throw heavy hands? Spar with Masvidal. Just like in a real fighter's career, your training partners will rub off on you and influence your style.

Pick Your Path
Will you fight in the amateur circuit, build your name in the World Fighting Alliance, or get your shot in the spotlight on The Contender series? The choice is yours — and each decision affects your ascent to the top.

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  • Gragnar11
    2 posts New member
    Hi at UFC 4, Release the option to play with the custom character from one profile vs the custom character from the second profile! It would be a useful life if you can create local leagues with several fighters created. :'(
  • Gragnar11
    2 posts New member
    UFC 4, will you be able to create a local league, with several fighters invented by 2 profiles from the same ps4? it would be cool to be able to create bruce le, M.tyson, Rock Balboa etc in the same custom league
  • EA Blueberry

    Why didn't EA DEV add a coaching system for multiplayer.. like the ones on fight night. Career mode is a great idea for it. I feel it would make the fans come back for more in multi player if there was some type of cut man or coaching system for multiplayer
  • Coaching system is def in the right direction. Very interesting indeed.
  • DrinkViking
    1 posts New member
    Will gameface remain?
  • Nickg1097
    1 posts New member
    Does anyone know if we’ll still be able to use roster fighters in career mode instead of created fighters like the last game?
  • @EA_Blueberry will we be able to utilize the EA GameFace option in UFC 4?
  • career is looking good.
  • EA please tell me we can use the “Wanderlei Hooks” for our created players. I keep seeing this same overly pronated fist on impact that looks like its contacting with the back of the fist for hooks. Yes certain fighters throw like this, but not all. And usually overhands look like this, but not all!! Please advise the devs to allow us to pick Wandy style hooks for CAF with lower to higher arm swing angle and thumb up fist on contact. That’s all I ask. The career mode looks awesome. Thanks for updating us and all that.
  • KnocksYOUoutCold
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    My thoughts on the UFC 4 Career Mode trailer

    First let me just start off by saying WOW, this is EXACTLY what I wanted to see from the depth and longevity of the Career Mode in UFC 4.

    Here's what I love about the various changes and improvements made:

    New glove design:

    Are the Orange gloves worn by the fighter shown in the trailer Coach Trevor Wittman's design?(For those who are unaware Trevor Wittman is a very well respected MMA Coach who has recently began designing new MMA gloves to help reduce or eliminate *Eye pokes.*)

    * Fun fact: Big John McCarthy instituted the rule regarding Eye pokes strictly because of Jon Jones.(For those who didn't know, Big John also helped Institute many of the rules the UFC abides by today.)

    Coach Davis:

    I love the idea of having a fully voiced interactive Coach alongside the player as their career progresses from the Amateurs to a legend in the UFC. I think it's a great idea having a coach who's relationship with their fighter grows and changes as the player continuously evolves their fighter, as having a fully voiced trainer will serve to keep the player engaged in their career.

    Fighter Evolution System:

    This is a phenomenal upgrade to the leveling system from UFC 3, as not only do we have the five main disciplines of: Kickboxing, Boxing, Balanced, Wrestling, or Jiu-Jitsu, but each of these disciplines also comes with its own subset of styles and perks; such as Powerhouse( for Boxing) and Pressure(for Kickboxing.) Each of these variations will help players fine tune their fighter's playstyles, giving them even more of an incentive to keep investing in and evolving their fighter.

    Real-Time Profession:

    This one of the features that I'm most excited for, being able to watch as my fighter grows stronger in real-time is incredible; as not only will their striking or grappling techniques deal more damage as they level up with use but they will also change from a visual perspective.

    New Sparring Techniques:

    Another excellent way to allow players to fine tune their fighter's playstyles, by giving them the opportunity to focus on one or more disciplines; each with their own unique set of challenges. Players can then use the Evolution Points obtained from those Sparring Techniques to upgrade their fighter's perks and attributes.

    Relationship System:

    I really like this improvement made to the social media aspect of UFC 3's Career Mode, as it allows the player to have more involvement in how their fighter addresses various: Fans, other fighters, and even event promoters, by giving them access to certain media outlets such as Twitter. Not only that but this feature also allows the player to invite other fighters to their camp in order to learn their signature move, something that can go horribly wrong if the player decides to rough up their sparring partner during training; which could lead to a heated feud and ultimately end up cutting the player off from certain training partners in the future.

    Signature Moves:

    UFC 2 did these justice, with each signature move looking and feeling uniquely it's own based on the fighter who made it popular/famous. In order to surpass UFC 2's interpretation of signature moves, UFC 4 must handle these with a sense of care; as not every fighter throws a particular strike like a Right Hook or Left Jab the same way or uses the same grappling techniques like an Ankle Pick or Tripping Single Leg Takedown.( Example: Chuck Liddell's Overhand Right should not look or feel the same way when thrown as an Overhand Right thrown by Tyrone Woodly.)

    Unscripted storyline:

    I absolutely love this idea, as not only does it give the player full control over where to begin their MMA career making every Career Mode run feel unique but it also allows them to be cut from the UFC and have to claw their way back to the top; a highly sought after feature in UFC 3's Career Mode and one that I'm all for.

    Injury System:

    I really like the idea of having an injury system in place, as it forces players to think and act more tactically and cautiously throughout a fight by picking their shots; as opposed to going in over confident and reckless resulting in a serious injury. I also like how injuries play a part in how many weekly points a player has to improve their fighter, which could lead to poor training camps or fighter performance come fight night.

    Short Notice Fights:

    While I can certainly get behind this idea, with such fights coming with a major risk of a serious injury; the rewards from winning said fights need to be worth that risk or players simply won't engage in them.

    With Ultimate Team removed from UFC 4, EA really had to step up and deliver an incredibly robust and in-depth Career Mode; in order to give players like myself(who enjoyed the grind in Single Player UT) something to work towards. I think it's DEFINITELY safe to say that EA may have just pulled it off, and now I'm even more hyped for UFC 4😁

    That being said, there are some caveats which I feel do need to be addressed:

    NO longevity "meter"

    I always hated having a bar at the top of the screen in UFC 3's Career Mode, only to serve as a constant reminder that my fighter's career had a finite end; and that no matter how little damage I took throughout my career I was alway going to be forced to retire at a set point.

    I feel that retirement should come organically, over a lengthy and storied career that is ultimately left up to the player to decide when to hang up the gloves; or from a succession of brutal and hard fought battles that ended in KO or submission loses instead of at a set point or number of fights. This change would place further emphasis on fighter management, something that I'm all for.

    I think that Fight Night: Round Two had the right idea here, with fighters aging over time during their careers resulting in: increased weight gain, less stat boosts from training, being more prone to injury during training, slower stamina/health regeneration during matches, slower movement around the ring, and an increased risk of being KO'd. All of these played a huge factor when considering retirement in that game, as fights would become almost impossible to win beyond a certain age. I think that UFC 4's Career Mode is the perfect opportunity to implement the various changes to fighter retirement listed above.

    Rivalries and Rematches:

    While I'm not against rivalries, I am against

    Why should I as the Champion of my division with: an unbeaten record and a massive win streak, be forced into an immediate rematch against an opponent who I just KO'd in four seconds of RD 1; when they have a record of 3-3 and are somehow top eight in the division(No joke this actually happened.) Fighters should have to wait a minimum of three to four fights before they can challenge for the belt, unless they are the previous belt holder with a rematch clause in their contract.

    The other issue I have here is that: I'm tired of fighting opponents in their Seventies(who miraculously still look 30) and with records of 117-32, when from a pure realism standpoint fighters retire well before they enter their Seventies.

    Cage-side stats:

    Why do my Cage-side stats still say things like: " Has recently burst onto the UFC scene" or "Has a lot of people buzzing about their debut"(When it's my twelfth professional MMA fight?) Why can't those stats list my: Current win streak, title defenses, overall strike accuracy, or Takedown Defense, is there a reason why these can't be regularly updated?

    Injuring Sparring partners:

    This has me slightly concerned as with perks like: Game Changer or Head Hunter making it much easier to knockdown/KO opponents, I feel that injuring sparring partners may become too easy; resulting in feuds and therefore locked off training partners happening far too often as a result. I recommend that perks be turned off during sparring sessions.

    Lastly: Press conferences/ Weigh Ins/Pre and Post fight interviews:

    All of these should be fully interactive at this point, as they are a routine part of any professional MMA fighter's life these days.

    These were my thoughts on the various changes made to UFC 4's Career Mode, please feel free to share your: opinions, suggestions, or concerns.😁

    P.S. I'd love to hear your opinion on my thoughts and suggestions @EA_Blueberry, maybe you could send this post up to the devs? As this took quite a while to write; and I wouldn't want all of these great suggestions to go to waste.😉

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  • EA_Blueberry
    4411 posts EA Community Manager
    Career Mode play-through video just released by an EA Game Changer if you're all interested! https://forums.ea.com/en/ufc/discussion/260853/ufc-4-career-mode-play-through-by-ea-game-changer-bayliun-episode-1#latest
  • Please make it so when we become champions we dont have to face the same fighter over and over and over and over. Every past ea ufc game when i became champ i had to rematch the same 3 guys over and over no matter how many times i beat them. How can Anderson silva get a rematch for the title after i have literally beaten him 8 times???? Super unrealistic and boring....takes the immersion out.
  • Need a UFC universe mode
  • @EA_Blueberry one thing I think would be a great addition to the unlockable/purchasable cosmetics is the GI. They were super prevalent in early UFC competitions, and I think a lot of people would enjoy the option to wear them in game. Especially for Royce Gracie’s character. Just a thought!
  • KnocksYOUoutCold
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    A continuation of my: suggestions, thoughts, and concerns on the UFC 4 Career Mode after watching A LOT of Game Changer footage.

    First and foremost I would just like to thank the EA Game Changers for allowing YouTubers the opportunity to play the UFC 4 Career Mode early, and share their experiences with the fans. Now that being said:

    Let's get the gameplay issues out of the way first:

    1. The two worst KO animations where opponents either: simply fall over on their side or land in a "posed" position with one Knee Raised and their Arms awkwardly positioned stiff by their Head, need to be removed or changed entirely; as these look terrible and are not realistic or even Physics based(these look especially bad when the KO comes via a Head Kick and the opponent just falls over perfectly on their side.)

    2. KO replays still look awkward, as some of the angles shown almost completely obstruct the view of the KO blow; leaving players with a view of their fighter's Back or the Back of the Referee instead of focusing on the KO strike.

    3. Ground and Pound KOs look awkward, as they appear to have little impact or power behind the KO strikes. On top of that, KO strikes from the ground look ridiculous as fighters get KO'd by the top fighter's punches only hitting their Forearms(when blocking either front or looping side strikes.)

    My solution would be to have the KO strikes from the ground bleed through or break through the opponent's gaurd, so that the top fighter's punches actually connect with their opponent's Head( the lack of Head bounce animations is still an issue)

    4. Leg Kicks to a downed opponent still pass through a grounded opponent's Legs, occasionally dealing no damage and looking awful(this is an issue with UFC 3 that was never fixed.)

    5. The window to deny a Takedown seems too small, as major YouTubers are struggling to deny them; even with decent Takedown Defense or while preemptively looking to deny them.

    6. There are STILL far too many knockdowns and fighters get back to their Feet way too quickly after a knockdown.

    My solution here would be to limit the number of times a fighter can quickly get to their Feet after a knockdown, based off of how much damage they've sustained over the course of the fight; with knockdowns coming via a High Impact Moment resulting in the fighter being much slower or even unable to get back to their Feet after taking such a damaging strike.

    7. I still have yet to see a TKO or Doctor stoppage, and this is completely unacceptable as these types of stoppages are an everyday part of real life MMA fights.

    8. The Referee still doesn't physically pull a fighter off of a downed opponent, often times opting to stand or kneel down next to the fighter while waving off the fight; or even worse they occasionally stand or kneel BEHIND the fighter. This makes absolutely NO sense, as how is a fighter supposed to know to stop hitting their opponent if they can't SEE the Referee call off the fight; and their Adrenaline rush is still in full effect?

    9. Some fighter models still need updating, such as Donald Cerrone(no beard? He's had the same model for the last three games) and Conor McGregor's face looks really weird.

    10. Press Conferences and pre/post fight interviews are still not interactive, this is not acceptable; especially after all of that effort went into giving the player's CAF a voice.

    Now that the ugly bussiness is out of the way here's what I've liked so far:

    Streamlined Menus:

    These look great, and really serve to get players back into the action asap; while also giving them a ton of useful information.

    Fighter Archetypes:

    These are a fantastic addition to the UFC 4 Career Mode, and really allow players to fine tune their fighter's playstyle to their liking; with each archetype having a preset perk selection and top rated moves list.

    Training mini-games/Weekly promotions:

    With so many new and varied types of training mini-games and fighter hype promotions throughout the weekly schedule, there's no shortage of things to do before a big fight. This is great for keeping things fast-paced and fresh, so the gameplay doesn't get stale or repetitive early.

    More Ways to Interact with Fans:

    I like having more options to engage with and gain fans, such as live streaming sparring sessions or call outs on social media.

    Adaptive CPU:

    By far one of my favorite changes made to UFC 4, is the CPU's ability to adapt and change up their game plan or tactics mid fight(at least on Legendary difficulty) based on if they are winning or losing the round and how well the player is performing.

    I love watching the CPU try to land Takedowns, or go for submissions if the player is winning rounds on the Feet.

    Mid-fight Injuries:

    I like the idea of being able to sustain injuries during a fight, as it lends a sense of tension and suspense to matches that simply isn't there in UFC 3. Not only that, but this also adds realism to matches; as now players will need to use timing and tactics to win matches as opposed to just using brute force or trying to land wild strikes in order to end a match early.

    Prestiging Moves:

    While I may not know the full extent of what prestiging moves does, I do like the option of having something else to grind for and spend my Evolution Points on; other than stat or move increases.

    Inviting Other Fighters to Your Camp:

    I love being able to invite certain fighters to my camp in order to learn their signature techniques for an upcoming fight, as this allows me the opportunity to decide how I want to train for my next opponent; by either using the mini-games or by bringing in a certain fighter to help me better prepare.

    Cross Game Mode Progression:

    I love how no matter what game mode I play my progession carries over, so there are always challenges to complete or ways to rank up and earn customization options and Evolution Points for my fighter. With so many different game modes available, I have quite a few options as to how I want to level up my fighter; adding a good amount of replayability to the game overall.

    These are just a few more of my: thoughts, suggestions, and concerns regarding UFC 4's Career Mode.

    P.S. hopefully you have the time to read through all of this @EA_Blueberry, especially the gameplay issues as some those need to be addressed immediately.

    I can't wait for the ten hour trial starting later today.😁

  • YoungNewport95
    86 posts Member
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    @EA_Blueberry any reason why the ankle wraps were removed from fighter customization? That was something I’ve always liked having on my fighters. Would love to have those back in.
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  • Bromaaa
    1 posts New member
    One thing that would be great is some kind of decline system after the character is on the UFC roster for sometime. Declining chin and others fisical stats would create a challenge for the player stay on top, making the end of the career more difficult and interesting. So we could chose to retire on top or keep on fighting as the game gets harder and harder because of our fisical stats... Make it setting that we can able/unable in the start of the career..
  • Is there even a story here?? Only thing I’ve seen as far as story or scenes is the intro. I’m in the top 15. Is there gonna be anything interesting??
  • KnocksYOUoutCold
    430 posts Member
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    Is there even a story here?? Only thing I’ve seen as far as story or scenes is the intro. I’m in the top 15. Is there gonna be anything interesting??

    I think that the story only picks up during major milestones in your Career, as my CAF is currently on their fourth consecutive title defense as the Lightweight Champ; and I only got a new cutscene once I had my first shot at the Lightweight strap. I'm hoping more cutscenes play out as I continue to defend my belt.

    I will say though, that I'm really enjoying what story I have experienced thus far; and I'm excited to see more.😁


    I can confirm after becoming double champ, there was a second cut scene and that the story only progresses at major points in the player's Career(this also includes retirement.)
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  • The Career Mode is very stale, boring.

    The good thing is the player progression which you dont have with other parts of the game.
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