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Cannot pre order UFC 4 inside of UFC 3

I no longer see the option in UFC 3 on Xbox one to pre order UFC 4. There used to be a tile in the menu and now it gone and I can no longer pre order within the game to get 10% off, Bruce Lee, Fury, etc. What is the problem EA?? I have rebooted numerous times but I cannot get to the tile to get the pre order bonuses. I can obviously go to the MS store and do it there, but won't get any of the mentioned bonuses that way.

Anyone else experience this that can help?



  • camko11
    2 posts New member
    because it was a limited time offer, you missed your window buddy.
  • That's strange, I just saw it on UFC 2 this morning. In the main me menu you may have to page a bit and ultimate team it is in the middle I believe.
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